OSR: WWE WrestleMania 29 Review (2013)

No Holds Barred: Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels)

Lucas: I remember hating this feud, why did Brock need to face Triple H? He would have been better suited taking on someone that would be elevated. The chemistry was really awkward just like the Summerslam match, the only reason HHH went over was to set up the third match at Extreme Rules. Let’s face it, the match was hindered by the Punk Taker match which delivered in so many better ways.

Dave: I personally really didn’t enjoy this match, because in some ways it came across more as an ego contest rather than anything else. Triple H took the win yes, but it didn’t attribute anything to his character and the loss didn’t achieve anything for Lesnar. Plus, Shawn Michaels being there was quite frankly pointless and a waste.

WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

Two years prior, The Rock cost John Cena the WWE title in his match against the Miz. The following night, John Cena challenged The Rock for a match Once In A Lifetime at Wrestlemania 28. Following a year of strong words, The Rock came out victorious. John fell through a tough 2012 with the only aim of beating The Rock as redemption. Once In A Lifetime… take two this time for the WWE Championship.

Lucas: What was strange about this event was the lack of backstage segments. The match had 3 huge video packages throughout the night to hype up the match. For Cena this was all about redemption; I loved the direction Cena’s character went through to this night. The match was alright. However the ending was clear that The Rock was pissed, he got hurt that’s fair enough but to over shadow Cena’s moment wasn’t exactly professional. The body language says it all.

Dave: This match had being played on throughout the night, but I’m not sure if this had a good effect. If anything, it deflated any tension for the match and almost made it an overkill. Granted the match did play on Cena’s strengths but it didn’t do The Rock any favors with his demeanor and body language. Overall, a particularly average match.


Lucas: I think what annoyed me about this event was that in the triple main event, part timers ruled the roost. Other than The Shield, no time or effort was made to make younger talent look worth while. The order was strange and the constant hyping of Rock vs Cena was unnecessary. The fact they ran out of time for an 8 person tag match didn’t help matters at all. The magic of Mania was missing in my opinion, where were the backstage reporters and interviewers that gave that extra dimension and importance to the matches. 

Dave: In all honesty, this WrestleMania left me feeling very underwhelmed and like I was watching an over-hyped edition of Monday Night RAW. There was no real effort made creatively to establish new stars to carry the business forward into WrestleMania XXX. The opening match was enjoyable, but the focus was taken from The Shield were it should have remained and made it about The Big Show again. There was also a feeling that some of the key matches needed longer to be more credible, and precious time was wasted on performances where the time was more important elsewhere. It really lacked something which made it feel special, and ultimately you get a bitter taste from this WrestleMania.

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