OSR: WWE WrestleMania 29 Review (2013)

Wrestlemania 29

Once In A Lifetime… how WWE fan’s felt betrayed and disgusted with that tagline of the 28th edition of WrestleMania, only for the following year a rematch to take place. As we close in on Mania season Lucas and Dave decided to sit down at watch WrestleMania 29 together and give their opinions on 2013 Wrestlemania event, with the aid of some fruity cider and Jack Daniel’s as medicine.

WrestleMania 29 Revew

The Shield vs Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show

The Shield at this point were undefeated and unstoppable, and this was the perfect way to kick off Wrestlemania 29. Full of high impact energy this match showcased WWE’s future. At the end The Big Show refused to tag himself in after being ignored and didn’t save Sheamus from being pinned for the loss.

Lucas: This match was brilliant, the Shield really refined the 6 Man tag match with so much energy and action throughout. The Big Show “turn” once again was nicely played out. Interestingly the commentators teased this turn early on in the match. A cracking way to kick of Mania.

Dave: This was a really enjoyable opening match, and nicely contested with the tension being built with Orton/Sheamus/Show from the outset. The Shield looked really impressive in their first WrestleMania match, but sadly for me The Big Show turn was slightly predictable.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Lucas: Considering the rise Ryback had, he truly fell to rock bottom at WrestleMania. Yeah big man vs big man look good on paper however neither men worked well together. That finish… really Mark Henry falling ontop of Ryback? If Mark had delivered a big splash it would have added so much more. The next night Ryback turned heel.

Dave: This match for me was very mediocre. Overall, their styles didn’t work well with one another but I can’t attribute to Henry. Henry is capable of delivering something decent when needed, Ryback however isn’t. The finish in this match was pathetic, it completely deflated any momentum Ryback had built until this point.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E (w/ AJ Lee)

Lucas: Watching back some of Daniel Bryan’s great moments,  his time with Kane was utterly brilliant. I did have great expectations for this match and loved the opening kiss by AJ to Dolph that almost cost him the match, in homage to Daniels 18 second loss to Sheamus. Daniel and Ziggler had great chemistry, it was nice to see Big E finally step into a match who worked well with both Kane and Bryan. Team Hell No walked out victors in a match that could have done with an extra 5 minutes.

Dave: I really loved Team Hell No as a tag team, but this match seems wasted on these competitors. Yes, it does provide something credible for the under card but they deserved more. Being Big E’s first match, he really did well and a win could have benefited him. If anything, slightly longer could have done this match wonders. 

Fandango vs. Chris Jericho

Lucas: Whatever Jericho says about the situation, he delivered. In Fandango’s first match he looked brilliant and enough for the crowd to hum his theme song to make him an overnight star. The match was good, but not up there in Jericho’s finest Wrestlemania matches.

Dave: In his first match in the WWE, Fandango came across really well mainly thanks to the efforts of Chris Jericho who did an amazing job of getting him over. The match itself wasn’t that bad at all, if anything it was pretty good. If anything, for me it needed slightly longer and dominance from Fandango to have a greater impact.

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