WWE Review: Fastlane 2016 Results Analysis

Fastlane 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IXicC1j6No

WWE Review: Fastlane 2016

The opening promo is depicted around The Road to WrestleMania, before highlighting the main event and possible opportunities. In all honesty, it is a simple, cheap and ineffective way of trying to promote WrestleMania. It really does lack imagination. We soon go inside the arena for the show, where the crowd are silent…they really aren’t interested, I wonder if the event sold out. Anyhow, we are soon enough off to the first match of the evening as we are introduced to our commentators for the evening JBL, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi and Tamina

Both teams make their way to the ring, with Naomi and Tamina playing the dominant role in the match whilst the tension between Sasha and Becky is continually played on. This is some respects make Naomi and Tamina seem slightly irrelevant in the grander scheme of things, the almost become a consolation prize. Anyhow, Naomi and Tamina are ultimately unsuccessful after Sasha and Becky pick up the win. It was an okay match, very solid but nothing that special.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks
Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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