WWE Opinion: Early WrestleMania 32 Issues?

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Early WrestleMania 32 Issues?

Following on from the events of Fastlane 2016, it has become apparent that there is currently a crucial problem we seem to be facing 5 weeks from WrestleMania 32. With only one match thus far for the event, there is literally no momentum at this crucial moment in time. In theory, the day after the February pay-per-view should have us beaming with excitement over what happened the night before but in 2016, nah this isn’t the case. There wasn’t an element of surprise we can take at the moment, in all honesty I’m here wishing I’d placed a bet on some of the matches for Fastlane because they all planned out as anticipated. But, what can WWE do to rectify this problem?

Historically within the WWE, following the events of the Royal Rumble there has being some sort of indication in the direction that they are heading forward. But bar the feud between Roman Reigns and Triple H which has become increasingly predictable since the closure of TLC back in December, and has become more and more about the McMahon’s and Triple H going out of their way to thwart Roman Reigns, whether it be the return of Mr. McMahon or Triple H capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble 2016. But there is one fundamental issue with this, as discussed before…Triple H has done absolutely nothing to prove himself as a credible champion in 2016. Since he captured the championship, what has he done…nothing sadly. He didn’t need to wrestle every week, but one or two matches and may a championship defense at Fastlane would have massively aided his cause and made it have more credibility.

This is quickly making the Biggest Show of the Year once again about a series of part-timers which it really shouldn’t be. I have nothing but respect for the so-called part-timers but they should only be used should they be in a position to elevate an up and coming talent. Jericho, is a prime example…he has done fantastically well with his feud with AJ Styles in recent weeks and really helped AJ solidify his position on the roster. It gave him that credibility needed for the WWE Universe to accept him. The Undertaker, I have nothing but respect for him but little was achieved with his feud with Bray Wyatt last year. His feud with Brock Lesnar was incredible, and signified the passing of the torch in all honesty and at the time put Brock Lesnar on a new course but the ball has gradually being dropped with that.

WWE Creative has always being very hit and miss, but if you look at past February examples of WWE pay-per-view events such as No Way Out 2000 or No Way Out 2003, whether it was the slightest or smallest of things it set the momentum going forward to WrestleMania. As we’ve said before, if WWE books themselves with enough credibility and momentum going into WrestleMania 32, then this will have enough force to propel them through to WrestleMania 33 with new stars created. I really wish the WWE would recognise when they need to change their style, and actually surprise us for once rather than leaving us feeling underwhelmed.

Come one WWE, sort it out please because your fans deserve so much more than the tripe you are currently trying to spoon feed us at the moment. Yes, your trying to be PG friendly but this is seriously at a pre-school level. Maybe the editors of WDD should get their nieces booking the show and see the results…

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  1. I agree mate, the run up to WrestleMania 32 has been slow and uninteresting. However have you seen the footage of Brock Lesnar attacking Ambrose in the parking lot? If thats a good way to kick start some interest I don’t know what will!

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