OSR: WWE No Way Out 2001 Review

No Way Out 2001 HHH vs Stone Cold

OSR: WWE No Way Out 2001 Review

It was the final step before Wrestlemania X-Seven. No Way Out 2001 witnessed Stone Cold Steve Austin seeking his revenge against “The Game” Triple H, as they collided in 3 Stages Of Hell match. Kurt Angle also placed his WWE Championship on the line against The Rock.

Interestingly this was the last WWE PPV that saw competition of any kind. WCW was bought out shortly before Wrestlemania X-Seven. It was the last time Jerry Lawler appeared in his original WWE run, Paul Heyman joined the WWE as a commentator the following night, after the departure of Lawler. The location for No Way Out 2001 was the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada with 15,223 in attendance. This is the WWE No Way Out 2001 Review.

1. WWE Hardcore Championship: Raven (c) vs. The Big Show

The Hardcore title kicked the show off when Raven defends his title against The Big Show. Raven bought his patented shopping trolley of goodies to the ring. The mystery women attacked Big Show as he entered the ring. Raven eventually got the advantage, thanks to the fire extinguisher.

A popcorn attendant then hit Raven in the head with a steel tray, and tried to pin Raven who was saved by Big Show. Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly came to the ring, soon followed by Billy Gunn who sneaked in the “Fame Asser” to capture the Hardcore title.

Raven captured the belt back. Molly Holly and the Ninja woman then came to the ring, only for Molly to hit the Ninja woman with the 2×4. The Big Show chokeslammed Raven into a trash bin to capture the Hardcore title. Billy Gunn then attacked The Big Show to no luck.

Winner: The Big Show, to capture the WWE Hardcore Championship

Match Rating 3.5 out of 5.o Stars

2. WWE Intercontinental Championship – Fatal-4-Way: Chris Jericho (c) vs. X-Pac vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

The competitors made their way to the ring, with Jericho’s being a pretty cool entrance. What was nice about this match is  X-Pac and Jericho went through the wars including a cage match at No Mercy. Jericho put Eddie out of action whilst Benoit and Jericho had one of the best rivalries of 2000.

Given the nature of the men, this was a high flying and closely fought match. Benoit and Eddie took most of the advantage until the numbers game caught up. All four men nailed their finishers only for the near finishes. Jericho managed to sneak away with the victory on X-Pac to retain.

Winner: Chris Jericho, to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Match Rating 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

3. Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon

The very awkward recap of Vince and Stephanie sedating Linda McMahon, but also how Trish got on Stephanie’s nerves was shown. To be honest, this was was never going to be traditional wrestling match; however the girls got physical and even went flying.

Stephanie delivered the Pedigree only for the near finish. As a result, Steph began to spanking Trish’ bare bottom and tried to take off her clothes. Both women got knocked down as Regal comes to the ring.

Regal placed Trish on Steph, only for him to then place Steph’s leg on the ropes. Trish was angry and slapped Regal; Regal retaliated by attacking Trish. Steph then got the pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Match Rating 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

4. Three Stages Of Hell: Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

This feud was and is easily forgotten about; Austin and Triple H took it to another level. In any other era it would have shone but it was arguably shielded by the success of the Attitude Era. Following their 18 month feud, Austin and Triple H settled the score finally in a 3 Stages Of Hell match.

Fall One: of the marathon was a straight up wrestling match. Following a slugfest rather than a wrestling match, Stone Cold pinned The Game to make it 1 fall to the Rattlesnake.

Fall Two: allowed the ball game to change quickly as it was now a street fight. Austin dragged Triple H everywhere outside the ring; brawling in the crowd. As the match got back into the ring, Austin took full advantage of the chairs that he had thrown into the ring taking down Triple H.

The action spilled back outside the ring where Foley’s patented 2×4 wrapped in Barbed Wire made an appearance. Austin was lacerated following a head shot where The Game took advantage of the blood by brawling on the announce table, until Austin back flipped him into the Spanish table!

The war continued as multiple weapons were used, where at this point these two men had gone through hell and still have another fall left! Triple H got his hand on the sledgehammer, quickly nailing Austin’s head followed by the Pedigree for the second fall victory.

Fall Three: the cage was lowered for the third fall. How either man standing after nearly 30 minutes into this grueling match. Whilst this was a cage match, it was effectively a street fight as all weapons had remained in the ring. The Game used the barbed wire to break down Austin.

Triple H nailed the Pedigree, but Austin somehow kicked somehow out. Austin threw The Game into the cage and delivered more an RKO than a Stunner on Triple H, who kicked out once again.

Both men swung at each other with 2×4’s and a sledgehammer and fall to the ring. Luckily, Triple H landed on Austin to pick up the three count and the victory. After Triple H managed to get to his feet, Austin nailed a stunner on Triple H.

The story told was brilliant. Endurance was the key with the Street Fight easily being the best of the three. The cage match didn’t really have much other than survival, which made perfect sense. Looking ahead, after this brutal battle it is amazing that these two joined together.

Winner: Triple H (2 to 1 Falls)

Match Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

5. Steven Richards (w/ Ivory) vs. Jerry Lawler (w/ The Kat)

How effective were the Right to Censor…they were annoying but isn’t that the point. Lawler took on Steven Richards to allow The Kat to strip naked. Tazz came to the announce table to replace Jerry Lawler for the match. Only Ivory came down to the ring to support Steven Richards.

Her presence really made the mark in the match, where she placed the women’s title belt in the ring, The Kat accidentally nailed The King with the belt which allowed Richards to pick up the win. As a result The Kat must join RTC; however she was never to be seen again.

Winner: Steven Richards

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

6. WWE Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat Table Match – The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) (c) vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Brothers Of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane)

The Undertaker and Kane were together once again as a team, with Edge and Christian having gotten under their skin with continual mind games. There was nothing that would have stopped The Undertaker and Kane other than a table, (or maybe a chair).

Following a beat down on Edge and Christian , The Dudley’s stopped the Brothers of Destruction with chair shots. Near the end of the match, Rikishi and Haku came to the ring and attacked The Undertaker and Kane. The Dudley Boyz then put Christian through a table to retain the tag titles.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz, to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

7. WWE Championship: Kurt Angle (c) vs. The Rock

It was now time to define the main event of WrestleMania X-Seven. Kurt and Rock brawled it out; Kurt’s psychology was brilliant and by having it showcased, it was a great way to end his first title reign. Part way through, The Big Show came to the ring as he wanted to be in the match.

He chokeslammed Kurt and The Rock leaving both men on the floor. Kurt was able to cover The Rock for a two count. The Rock knocked Angle out with the title belt, Kurt kicked out at two. The match continued, with The Rock hitting The People’s Elbow and once again gets a two count.

Angle was on the receiving end of more punishment; Angle kicked out of the Rock Bottom in a messy pinfall attempt, where the referee had gotten caught up. The Rock delivered a pretty pissed off Rock Bottom to capture the WWE Championship and go onto the main event of WrestleMania X-Seven.

Winner: The Rock, to capture the WWE Championship

Match Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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