Breaking News: Titus ONeill Suspended By WWE

WWE Star Suspended for 90 Days!

We can reveal the current WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has being suspended from the company for 90 days following an incident with a WWE employee during this past Monday Night RAW during the Daniel Bryan Retirement Segment. Shockingly, the employee the incident occurred with is WWE Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon…

In the post show exclusive on the WWE Network, as Daniel Bryan embraced fans various WWE superstars and personnel including Titus O’Neil and Vince McMahon gathered on the entrance stage to show their appreciation for Daniel Bryan. After Bryan began making his way backstage after embracing Vince, it was at this point Titus grabbed him in a “playful, physical way”. Unfortunately, McMahon didn’t see it this way and reportedly shoved Titus away. McMahon was reportedly furious by this, and instigated the suspension.

Titus was made aware of his suspension when he showed up for the SmackDown taping the following day, and was told by WWE officials to go home and serve his 90 day suspension. This is very questionable, why on earth would Titus do something like this at a time like this. From what we’ve seen in various medias, Vince enjoys a prank as much as everyone (research the incident with Shane McMahon and the pool, or Owen Hart and the hog pen match) but there is clearly a time and a place for such things. This was not the time, this moment was meant to be about Daniel Bryan. Instead, Titus almost tried to get Vince to break character and respond…this is a complete no-no!

Should anymore information become apparent in the coming days on this situation, then we’ll obviously update you on this development in due course. This will obviously be interesting to see how Titus is handled by WWE upon return, has he committed career suicide…only time will tell!


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