WWE News: Possible Huge Return On Tonight’s Episode Of Raw

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Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw takes place from Seattle. Washington. There have been reports that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was spotted on a flight from Phoenix airport to Seattle with his wife Brie. PWInsider are reporting that Daniel is scheduled to appear on tonight’s broadcast making a huge return on Raw.

Daniel Bryan has been off injured WWE television since his run in Tough Enough and hasn’t competed since a few weeks after Wrestlemania 31. A severe concussion has sidelined the Yes man ever since. Despite being cleared by external doctors; Daniel is being refused clearance by WWE Medical doctors. Something which has frustrated Daniel extensively.

More interesting Wrestlechat is reporting that Vince McMahon wants Daniel Bryan to be around during Wrestlemania season to help boost ratings. However the report suggests that close sources to Daniel; he only wants a wrestling role and not a non wrestling role which is rumoured to be offered.

On the flip side, Daniel Bryan is billed from Aberdeen, Washington; which is only two hours away from Seattle. With Raw being so close to home, tonight would be an opportune timing to make his return on the road to WrestleMania.

Within these reports, there is no indication of what role Daniel Bryan could take in the build up to Mania. Batista turned down an offer to showcase in the planned main event of Triple H vs Roman Reigns. Whether Vince McMahon wants him in the main event or not to even the scores time will truly tell.

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