WWE News: Several NXT Stars Released


One of the worse times for WWE talent is when stars get released. Whilst in recent years, releases have been few and far in-between. On Friday morning, WWE released 5 NXT development stars including Bull Dempsey who has been heavily involved with NXT’s weekly show on the WWE Network.

Bull Dempsey

Out of the five wrestlers to be released, Bull Dempsey is a bit of a shocker. Bull signed with WWE in June 2013; appearing on NXT TV on September 12th. In 2015, Bull tweaked his gimmick to be an out of shape wrestler who poked fun at himself. A change which proved popular. Bull posted on Twitter his thoughts on the release.

Peter Howard

Former rugby player Peter Howard, signed a WWE contract in April 2015. At the time WWE massively hyped his signing with various interviews with the Englishmen. According to ProfightDB, Howard only competed in a battle royal match back in September.

Sylvester LeFort

Sylvester was with WWE for over 3 and half years with a regular presence on WWE NXT. Sylverster took to Twitter to post his feelings on his release, something he insisted that he did not quit. The full statement from Sylvester can be found here.

The two other wrestlers released on Friday were Frenchmen Marcus Louis and Magno (Oscar Vasquez) who was being billed as the next Latino star in WWE. Ironically Mango, made his in ring debut at a WWE NXT Live show just a few weeks ago on January 15th 2016.

Image Credit: Kings Of Wrestling Facebook Page

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