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What Can GFW Bring to the Industry

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) is the newest wrestling promotion to hit the industry in years, and it is arguably one of the most needed shakeups to the industry in years. Since the demise of WCW and ECW back in 2001, the WWE has being the dominant player in the industry. With the advent of TNA in 2002 under the leadership of Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, competition was slowly creeping back into the business. TNA is now nearly 14 years old, and now under the leadership of Dixie Carter whilst the Jarrett’s are no longer associated with the leadership of the promotion. TNA continues to grow, but still the dominant player is the WWE. With GFW now on the rise, what can we possibly expect for Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s promotion?

There is an ever growing need for an alternative to the WWE. Granted TNA can be seen as this, but it doesn’t maybe suit the niche of everyone. This is were GFW can potentially bridge the gap, and take the place in the industry which can accommodate all of its fans. WWE can sometimes achieve great story telling but forget about wrestling in the process, whereas TNA can be seen as the other way around. If GFW can adopt the art of great wrestling and story telling, then they could really be onto something truly special. It’ll take a long time to reach the heights of the WWE, but with the right mindset and logic it can be achieved.

One of the better things being achieved through GFW is the inter-promotional crossovers with various other wrestling organisations, including TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). This shows from the initial success of the shows with not just NJPW but others, that there is clearly a demand for it within the market. Wrestling fans are desperately crying out for something new and invigorating. Let GFW be that new phenomenon. With their touring portfolio expanding, the next logical step is television shows being shown globally, an aspiration highlighted by Jeff himself in December 2015.

Here at Wrestling’s Dirty Deeds, we look forward to their first tour of the UK this forthcoming March. It will be exciting to see the product that will be on show and how they are making themselves different from the competition. Let’s see GFW continue to grow and grow into something truly amazing…roll on March 2016 #JoinTheForce

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