WWE Opinion: The Road to WrestleMania

The Road to WrestleMania

The Road to WrestleMania has begun…

Well that’s it, the Royal Rumble 2016 has happened and we are now on the Fastlane to WrestleMania 32 in the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. We thought going into 2016 that this would be the era of Roman Reigns, but how wrong we are. Triple H, yeah the man who has only competed twice since the Sumner of 2014…yeah that guy, is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the tender age of 46…

Do not get me wrong in the slightest, I have nothing against Triple H and admire his accomplishments in and out of the ring. But, as it was put to me by a fellow editor at the conclusion of the Rumble match

Bull****, it’s not 2002 you know

I understand the WWE roster isn’t in the best way at the moment given the status of their injury list but this doesn’t mean “desperation” booking needs to happen. The roster should currently be about establishing those new stars on the roster and getting them to that level. People like Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler should be in his position. Instead, the WWE have made the Road to WrestleMania unbelievably predictable. This has had one immediate effect, Fastlane is certainly not becoming must see TV. It is abundantly obvious that Roman will triumph at Fastlane and go onto face Triple H at Mania. But what about the meantime for Triple H?

Well, I am sincerely hoping WWE will be ry and make his title reign convincing and unpredictable. He really needs to be in the ring on a regular basis in the next few weeks, and engaging with those younger superstars on the roster that could benefit from a push in the right direction. It almost comes across that the WWE doesn’t have the faith in their superstars to carry the WWE brand. If Triple H is a transitional champion, then that is okay but it desperately needs to  be justifiable. This is a very similar predicament to Daniel Bryan in 2014 in the run up to WrestleMania.

Looking at a past example, in 1994 Bob Backlund made an excellent transitional champion. He built his character up throughout the year as the slightly crazy Mr Backlund and took the title from Bret Hart in an outstanding match at Survivor Series 1994. His championship win did wonders for both men, the angle elevated Bret and made him look like a fighting champion. Backlund on the other hand was portrayed as a wrestler who would do what is needed to win. But the way in which Backlund lost the championship did more than for one man than anything. He put Diesel over in a mere 7 or 8 seconds, allowing him to capture the championship. That spearheaded Diesel to his main event WWE career.

I’d be able to accept Triple H as the champion as long as it is convincing, like Backlund’s 1994 reign. But once again, WrestleMania is being focused around part-time talent rather than establishing new stars. I honestly cannot foresee Triple H taking a full-time schedule on the road as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, his commitments with NXT and his role as COO would indeed lay rest to that. Maybe though it is because Roman Reigns has literally being shoved down our throats recently, he reaction he received at the Royal Rumble was awful. But then again, this was almost a one off as fans have being more accepting of him recently.

I am also concerned about the credibility of the championship. Since Survivor Series it has changed hands four times, twice with the same person. This in some ways resembles the booking of the WCW Championship in early-mid 2000. Yes, they need to ensure some stability in the lead up to WrestleMania but they also need to invest themselves in the new emerging talent of the company. Triple H won’t be around forever, are you realistically going to have him come out at 65-years-old to wrestle the fourth generation of Orton because things are a bit hazy on the roster? GIVE THE NEW GUYS A CHANCE, use Triple H now as enhancement talent rather than your backbone.

What do you think of Triple H capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this past weekends Royal Rumble the forthcoming main event of Fastlane…who do you think should have walked out as champion and/or who should go to the main event of WrestleMania 32…we’d love to know what you think!

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