WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions: Staff Picks

Roman Reigns WWE Champion

Tonight see’s WWE’s first Pay Per View event of 2016 the highly anticipated Royal Rumble event. Since its incarnation in 1988 the Rumble match has been a staple of WWE television, providing countless of memorable and unbelievable moments. 2016 see’s for the first time that a WWE World Heavyweight Champion defends his title inside the gruelling 30-man Royal Rumble match, even though the championship (albeit vacant) was up for grabs in 1992. To make matters worse for champion, Roman Reigns must enter at number one. There are 5 other matches on tonight’s card and here at The Dirty Deeds we give you our staff Royal Rumble predictions for tonight’s event.

Royal Rumble Predictions

Charlotte (C) vs Becky Lynch – Diva’s Championship

Charlotte will defend her WWE Diva’s Championship against long time friend Becky Lynch. Match Preview

  • Lucas: Charlotte
  • Kev: Charlotte
  • Dave: Charlotte

The Usos vs The New Day (c) – WWE Tag Team Titles

The Uso’s finally get their Tag Title shot at the New Day. – Match Preview

  • Lucas: The New Day
  • Kev: The New Day
  • Dave: The New Day

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kevin Owens – Last Man Standing Match – Intercontinental championship

Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose go to war in a Last Man Standing match in arguably the main event of the evening (other than the Rumble itself). –Match Preview

  • Lucas: Dean Ambrose
  • Kev: Dean Ambrose
  • Dave: Kevin Owens

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio (c) – United States Championship Match

Titles have traded back and forth between the two Mexicans; who will walk out the Royal Rumble as US Champion? – Match Preview

  • Lucas: Kalisto
  • Kev: Alberto Del Rio
  • Dave: Kalisto

Royal Rumble Pre Show Fatal Four Way Tag Match

I am baffled by this match; considering the names in this match the fact that only two will go through to compete in the Royal Rumble match is very strange.

  • Lucas: Dudley Boyz
  • Kev: Mark Henry and Swagger
  • Dave: Darren Young and Damien Sandow

30 Man Royal Rumble Match – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Ever since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series; Roman Reigns has been sticking it in the face of the Authority and the McMahons ever since.  After being screwed once again at Tables Ladders and Chairs, Roman had enough and decided to attack Triple H, spearing the CEO into oblivion. Following this attack Roman Reigns has been facing gruelling punishment from the Chairman of the Board Mr McMahon. At the Royal Rumble, Reigns is forced to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship from the number one entry spot of the match.

With 29 other men to contend with and the odds stacked against Roman; the 2016 Royal Rumble can go two ways. The first is the easy and obvious route of Roman Reigns dominating and outlasting all challengers to retain his WWE Title. Let’s be honest on paper that is great but the reality of the story is that; this story needs to continue and Roman Reigns shouldn’t walk out Orlando as champion. Now this is where it gets interesting. If Reign’s doesn’t walk out as champion who does?

In terms of announced superstars entered for the match Brock Lesnar is the easy choice; other than that it is only really Bray Wyatt who could win the gold. Given that Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens will go to war in the Last Man Standing match, neither men should last very long in the Rumble match.

The beauty of the Rumble matches is the unpredictability, who can enter the match? 2016 has so many open ended possibilities. Could AJ Styles debut with Finn Balor and the Balor Club. Triple H is heavily rumoured to return and cast his revenge on Brock Lesnar. With it being a championship match, it makes the number of actual possible winners massively drop. Could Dolph Ziggler finally get his chance to shine or could Daniel Bryan return following his concussion battles.

One thing that is sure, is that as a wrestling fan you either must watch the event live, or avoid all form of humanity (i.e. social media) to get the spoilers away from you. As a writing team we all have different opinions on who will walk out as champion.

  • Lucas: Bray Wyatt
  • Kev: Roman Reigns
  • Dave: Brock Lesnar

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Image Credit: Roman Reigns Facebook Page

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