WWE Opinion: Top 10 Royal Rumble Best Performers

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Throughout the 28-year history of the Royal Rumble, we have seen literally hundreds of different participants entering the match with one aim. Ultimately to be the last man standing above everyone else. But throughout its time, we have seen many exceptional performances. Which of those performances stand out, we bring you the latest opinion right here with the…

Top 10 Royal Rumble Best Performers

#10: Rey Mysterio (2006)

Entering the match at number 2, Rey Mysterio went the distance lasting 62 minutes to win the Royal Rumble match. Mysterio eliminated six competitors and dedicated this match to the memory of Eddie Guerrero. Proving never to count out the underdog, he entered an outstanding performance before ultimately eliminating Randy Orton. From here, he truly took his career to the next level…

#9: Mick Foley (1998)

Never more so has the Three Faces of Foley being more prominent in the WWE. In this particular Royal Rumble, Mick Foley became the only man in history to enter the same match three times. That’s right, he entered the match as Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mankind. Each of the personas was able to adapt to the happenings and Foley slipped into character perfectly for each one. A personal highlight for me was his exchanges as Cactus Jack with Chainsaw Charlie, aka Terry Funk…

#8: Kane (2001)

Never has Kane ever looked more dominant in the Royal Rumble match, and set the all-time elimination record. This is a record which lasted for 14 years. Entering the match at Number 7, he lasted an amazing 53 minutes. In total, he eliminated 11 competitors and was one of the final two men standing. Battling through various superstars, past and present as well as a cameo appearance by Drew Carey, his appearance is memorable even now…

#7: Shawn Michaels (1995)

Taking sentiment from earlier lasting performances, this was the time when Shawn Michaels was elevating from the mid-card position to that of main eventer. He need a convincing, but heroic win to captivate the audience and believe in him. Entering this match at number 1, he went the distance and eliminated The British Bulldog to pick up the win. It was this match were the two feet rule was established, and a legacy that remains to this day.

#6: CM Punk (2014)

Never would you have thought someone was so disgruntled with his employment at the time. He never let it show in his in-ring work and never failed to let his fans down. Entering the match at number 1 and lasting an amazing 49 minutes, he went back and forth with everyone in the match. Whilst it is sad that this is his last appearance in the WWE, he left on a solid and convincing performance, with a lasting legacy behind him. Rather than leave you with the last, I’ll give you an iconic moment…

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