OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Review

royal rumble 2000 review

OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Review

For my next edition of the Old School Review, I shall be going back to an event that I remember vividly and thoroughly enjoyed watching back in the day. It comes from a time when new stars were emerging and the WWE was red hot, it truly was must see TV. So, I hope you enjoy my next OSR of the Royal Rumble 2000 Review…

The show begins with an absolutelty cracking promo of the feud between Triple H and Cactus Jack after he morphed from Mankind, showing how intense and brutal their feud had become in recent weeks but no reference to the Royal Rumble match surprisingly. Anyhow, we go to a red hot New York crowd with our announcers for the evening, JR and Jerry Lawler before we go to our first match,

Kurt Angle vs. Tazz

Kurt makes his way out first to a great reaction, and cuts a promo on the New York before turning his attention to his unannounced opponent before Tazz’s music hits, and he walks out to an outstanding reaction before quickly taking the action to Angle. The action is very back and forth, with lots of various different suplex moves being used at a very quick pace, which whilst short is very enjoyable and quickly establishes Tazz for his WWE run. Tazz eventually wins the match when Angle passes out to the Tazzmission, to which officials and paramedics then stretcher Angle out of the arena.

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to Michael Cole, interviewing the Dudley’s and Terri before a brief couple of clips are shown from their history and how they came for tonight. We soon head back to the arena for our next match.

Tag Team Tables Match: The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley’s make their way out first, and cut a brutal promo on the New York crowd which goes down well, but creates a lot of heat for them before the Hardy Boyz make their way out quickly to the arena and take the action right to the Dudley’s. A couple of nice spots occur in this fast paced match, including Bubba using the table to the head on Jeff after he run the rails but there are also some nice double team spots which add to the match. The early renditions of a TLC match can be seen in this match with the use of a Ladder and Chair on top of the Tables. Bubba is the first competitor put through the table following a double team aerial move by the Hardy’s which generates a “Holy S***” chant in a sweet moment. Both Matt and Jeff put themselves through tables after missing aerial moves on D’Von, but the match will continue because they aren’t classified as offensive moves. Unusual rule, but I like it…Matt is eliminated a few moments later, after a powerbomb from Bubba from the top rope. The action soon spills into the crowd, and Bubba stacks up a series of tables in an entrance way as D’Von continue to dominate the action. Bubba ends up falling from the entrance way after a couple of chair shots from Jeff through 3 tables, before Jeff then nails D’Von with a Swanton Bomb from the entrance way through a table to pick up the victory in a really great and enjoyable match. There were lots of nice spots and this was thoroughly entertaining.

Match Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to Kurt Angle being attended to by medics, who is quite delirious before we go back to JR and King discussing what happened before we are introduced to our panel for the next match, Sgt Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabulous Moolah, Johnny Valiant and Freddie Blassie with King as master of ceremonies. We are then introduced to our competitors, Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, B.B, Luna and Women’s Champion The Kat. We are then introduced to another judge for the contest, Andy Richter. Ivory is the first to pose, who looks very very hot, followed by Terri who also looks quite nice. The next is Jackie, but for me she really doesn’t look hot at all, B.B then makes up for this as she looks incredible before Luna refuses to partake. The Kat then poses, showing her bubble wrap bikini and looks absolutely amazing.

However, Mae Young then makes her way to the ring and declares herself part of this contest…and apparently we want to see her puppies! She proceeds to remove her top exposing her breasts to the audience and is shockingly declared the winner of the contest, not surprising as Freddie Blassie was cheering her on. Thankfully, Mark Henry’s size comes into play as he is able to shield use from that sight. We then go backstage to Jericho and Chyna arguing about who is going to wear the IC title to the ring before Dave Hebner takes the belt from them. We then go back to the arena for our next match.

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