OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 1999 Review

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OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 1999 Review

In the next edition of the Old School Review, we shall be going back to an event which was truly at the height of the infamous Attitude Era. But, more so marked a time when the shift in WWE’s favour was occurring in the Monday Night War thanks to the intensity of the feud over the WWE Championship between Mankind and The Rock, but also the heightening feud between Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold. So, here I go with the next OSR of Royal Rumble 1999 Review…

The opening promo for the Royal Rumble is depicted around the ongoing feud between McMahon and Austin coming into the event, with Austin being made a target by McMahon with the placing of a bounty on his head for the person who successfully eliminates him. We then go to the arena with our announcers for the evening, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole with the events theme music, “No Chance in Hell” being played in the background as they hype the upcoming Rumble match and the first female entrant, Chyna taking part in the match. Before long, we are off to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Road Dogg vs. The Big Boss Man

Road Dogg makes his way to the first and cuts his standard, but still entertaining promo before it is pointed out that this match won’t be a Hardcore match, more of a special challenge. The Big Boss Man then makes his way to the ring to a normal reaction, but it does seem odd that both men are entering this match as champions yet neither of them are on the line, the hardcore matches of the time were a niche part of the product and quite fun to watch. Anyhow, the match is pretty much a domination by the Boss Man, with the occasional comeback mounted by Road Dogg. Eventually Road Dogg is able to mount a brief comeback but is quickly taken down by Boss Man, when he is able to pick up the win following a Side Walk Slam. Painfully average match, there was nothing particularly interesting in it to maintain a level of interest.

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Billy Gunn

A couple of short video clips are shown for the feud going into this match, which included the arrival of Ryan Shamrock before Gunn makes his way to the ring first and cuts a really short promo on Shamrock to a great reaction. Shamrock then makes his way to the ring and quickly starts brawling with Gunn. The action is very back and forth, until Shamrock is able to become the dominant force in the match. The match continues with Shamrock taking a focus on Gunn’s leg until he inadvertently takes out the referee with a clothesline. This causes Val Venis to make an appearance, and nail Shamrock with a DDT allowing for a close call on Shamrock. However, Shamrock is eventually able to pick up the win and retain the championship when Gunn taps out to the Ankle Lock. This wasn’t necessarily a bad match, if anything it was quite solid but nothing special.

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to see Shane McMahon, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson psyching up Mr McMahon for his forthcoming appearance in the Rumble, before we return to the arena as Billy Gunn is being helped backstage for the next match of the evening.

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