WWE List: Profile Of Every Royal Rumble Number One Entrant

shawn michaels royal rumble 1995

Some say that the number one entry into the Royal Rumble match is a bad draw. Well statistics show that it has produced the same number of Rumble winners as the lucrative number 30 spot. We look back at every Royal Rumble number one entry and their successes. 

2 Time Number One Entrants

Bret Hart 1988 & 1991

Bret Hart holds the distinct honour of being the first man ever to enter a Royal Rumble match; Hart lasted the longest in the match with over 25 minutes. In 1991, Bret drew the same number again this time lasting 20 minutes before being eliminated by the Undertaker.

CM Punk 2011 & 2014

You can always count on Punk. 2010 Saw CM Punk enter number 3; spending most of the early parts of the match by himself before being destroyed literally by Triple H. 2011 fared much better for Punk lasting nearly half an hour in the match before being eliminated by John Cena. Punk’s last ever WWE appearance took place in the 2014 Royal Rumble; that Rumble which the fans boo’ed Batista out of the building. Punk being eliminated by Kane of all people with 4 people left in the match didn’t help matters.

Dolph Ziggler 2010 & 2013

Believe it or not once upon a time Dolph Ziggler was treated like a jobber; Ziggler entered the 2010 Rumble first, only to be eliminated by CM Punk 2 minutes into the match. 2013 Dolph started at number one and was the 27th person eliminated, not a bad showing just shy of 50 minutes in the match.

Ric Flair 1993 & 2007

Woooo, after winning the 1992 Rumble from the number 3 spot; Ric entered the following years match at number 1. Mr Perfect eliminated Flair after just over 18 minutes in the match. The following night on Raw, Flair lost against Perfect in a loser leaves town match. In 2007, Flair didn’t have much luck either; being eliminated first by Edge 5 minutes into the match.

Shawn Michaels 1995 & 2003

Mr Wrestlemania, the first man in WWE history to win the Royal Rumble match from slot number 1. Okay the match only last 38 minutes 48 seconds, unlike the normal near hour-long. However nothing can take Michaels away from this incredible achievement. Only Chris Benoit reached the same feat later on in 2004.

The Miz 2012 & 2015

A year after The Miz was defending the WWE title at the Rumble, The Miz entered the match at number one, with former friend Alex Riley at number 2. Miz threw Riley out within 85 seconds; however at number 2 another former partner R-Truth was at number 3. The Miz lasted 45 minutes in the match.

In 2015, The Miz and R-Truth were drawn number 1 and 2. However The Miz didn’t last long, being eliminated by Bubba Ray Dudley 4 minutes in.

Triple H 1996 & 2006

Prior to the time he became “The Game”, Triple was known as a rich snob named Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Following an impressive debut in 1995, Triple further impressed by lasting 48 minutes in the Rumble match after entering number 1. The Game looked set to match his buddy Shawn’s 1995 feat by lasting well over an hour in the ring. With just three left, Triple H was eliminated by number 2 entrant and winner Rey Mysterio.

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