OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 1998 Review

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OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 1998 Review

In the next edition of the Old School Review, we shall be going back to an event which was at the height of the infamous WWE Attitude Era and a time when they were truly sinking their teeth into the fight back against WCW. This event marked the beginning of one Era bur sadly the start of the finish for another, Shawn Michaels whilst two brothers literally imploded whilst a Texas Rattlesnake ran wild all over the WWE. If you haven’t worked it out yet, in this OSR we shall be bringing you the Royal Rumble 1998 Review…

An opening promo is shown about the WWE Championship and what it can mean to people, highlighting various superstars who have held the championship before then shifting the focus onto Royal Rumble and how the winner of the match will become heir apparent to the top throne in the WWE. We then head to the arena, with a red hot crowd and we are joined by our announcers for the evening, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who talk about how unpredictable tonight will be and whether Mike Tyson will inevitably make an appearance, who is then shown in a sky box looking on before we then head down to the ring for the first match of the evening.

The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/ Luna) vs. Vader

TAFKA Goldust makes his way to the ring first accompanied by an equally odd looking Luna in a really bizarre entrance before we are shown a series of clips showing his transformation from the Goldust we all know now to what is apparent in the ring, some very bizarre clips which just got weirder when it featured stockings and suspenders. Anyhow, Vader soon makes his way to the ring to a nice reaction before he is soon attacked TAFKA Goldust who dominates him for a few moments before Vader powers back, and dominates TAFKA Goldust both inside and outside of the ring with various moves. Eventually, TAFKA Goldust is able to regain the momentum after Luna gets involved briefly where Vader is then grounded with a series of moves. At this point, Luna gets involved again and attempts to choke Vader at which point I have the realization that TAFKA Goldust reminds me considerably of Doink the Clown. Vader eventually mounts a comeback with a powerful clothesline and is eventually able to win the match following a Vader Bomb, despite having Luna on his back but makes an interesting spot in the match. An interesting match, ever so slightly weird but nevertheless entertaining.

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to Michael Cole who is waiting for the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who soon enough arrives and quickly tells Cole to park his truck for him, who responds with questions about the Rumble as Austin walks off. After he leaves, The Godwinns (I think) arrive looking for Austin before we head back to the arena for the forthcoming match.

Battalion, Tarrantula & El Torito vs. Max Mini, Nova and Mosaic (with Special Guest Referee, Sunny)

Sunny makes her way to the ring first, to a nice reaction before both teams make their way out to pretty timid reactions as JR and King make continual jokes and mockery about their size and height in an effort to be funny, but it quickly gets boring. Nova and Tarantula start the action off with a series of very fast paced, different and dynamic moves which are quite entertaining with frequent tags in and out by both teams. The match is okay and some of the moves they display are pretty cool but this can easily be conceived as filler or gimmick match material that has only being put on the card for the sake of it, there being no real reason for it to be happening. Sunny eventually aids Max, Nova and Mosaic with a series of dropkicks which is soon followed by some high flying moves, which allows Max to pick up the win following a cradle in an entertaining but pointless match.

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to The Nation who are looking for Austin, but ultimately find a foam middle finger in an amusing spot before we soon return to JR and King who briefly mention the Royal Rumble match at which point we are shown Tyson in the sky box talking with Vince and Shane McMahon. We then return to JR and King, who begin to hype the forthcoming match before talking us to the history package.

Intercontinental Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Ken Shamrock

A history package is shown of Shamrock’s history with The Nation, including the betrayal of Mark Henry on Shamrock on RAW just prior to the Royal Rumble. At this point, we go to Michael Cole with The Rock where we are shown a clip from The Free for All where the members of The Nation arr arguing about the Royal Rumble, before returning to The Rock who gives a cracking promo about Ken Shamrock before we return to the arena for the match, where The Rock makes his way out first to a timid reaction before Shamrock makes his way out to a cracking reaction. The match begins at a very methodical pace with both men taking their time until The Rock takes a cheap shot to gain the upper hand but only momentarily as Shamrock is quick to bounce back and take The Rock outside of the ring. After The Rock is able to be dominant over Shamrock, eventually Shamrock is able to nail The Rock with a belly to belly suplex to seemingly win the match. During the interference of The Nation, Shamrock is nailed by the brass knuckles, which are then placed in his trunk which after the bell The Rock feigns injury, making the referee believe he had being attacked by Shamrock. After finding the knuckles in Shamrock’s trunk, the decision is reversed by referee Mike Chioda with The Rock remaining the Intercontinental Champion, in a particularly average match.

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to various superstars looking for Stone Cold, who ultimately attack 8-Ball before we return to JR and The King who briefly talk about what has just happened before we go to the history package for the next match.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Legion of Doom

The promo starts showing the rise of LOD throughout the years which is broken down by The New Age Outlaws when Animal injures his back and Hawk has one of his legendary mo-hawks shaved off before we return to the arena with The New Age Outlaws making their way to the ring, with Road Dogg cutting a promo on the local crowd before we go backstage to Michael Cole, talking to LOD who says there wasn’t no chance they’d miss tonight and how the Outlaws are going down whether they become champions or not. LOD then make their way to the ring to a nice reaction, before the action quickly gets underway with LOD dominating The Outlaws, which remains the theme for pretty much most of the match until the end comes as Hawk is handcuffed to the bottom turnbuckle, allowing Animal to be taken apart with a chair causing the DQ win for LOD. After the match, Hawk breaks free and quickly takes out The Outlaws in an average match but style suited LOD massively but not so much The Outlaws.

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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