WWE Monday Night RAW Results 11th January 2016

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WWE continue it’s Road to Wrestlemania with a stop in the city of New Orleans; the location of Wrestlemania 30. Last week shocking announcement that Roman Reigns will defend his WWE World Heavyweight title in the Royal Rumble match. One thing that is certain is the return of Brock Lesnar; who is likely to announce his entry into the Royal Rumble match. Here are the Raw Results.

WWE RAW Results

We kick off Raw with a sea of WWE superstars on the enterance ramp. Vince and Stephanie Mahon come out in a celebratory mood. They are happy that they are stating at the next new WWE champion. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and the New Day are suggested as new champions. Bray Wyatt appears claiming he has the chance to take out Roman. Roman Reigns come down reminding the boss that he could win. The McMahons make a 10 on 1 survival match again Roman also a match between Dean Ambrose and Sheamus.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

Our opening contest sees Dean Ambrose face Sheamus. The match ends when Kevin Owens attacking Dean Ambrose.

Backstage and we get an update on Deans condition; Dean walks out of the medical room ignoring help. Vince and Steph are met by Paul Heyman who congratulates the two on a great idea. Heyman suggests that Brock is a prize fighter and may not appear in the Rumble match. Instead wanting to headline Wrestlemania. Vince isn’t too happy with that idea.

Titus O’Neil vs Stardust
A fair short match, interestingly the commentators discuss whether Stardust should return to his Cody Rhodes routes. Titus wins with the Titus Splash.

Chris Jerico comes out for an episode of the Highlight Wheel. The fans barely react to him coming down, and tbh have been quiet all night so far. He talks about his return and he will become a 7 time world champion. The New Day come down, upset with Jericho and that they are not slammy award winners. The Usos come down and poke fun at New Day. Jericho annouces he will be in the Usos corner for the next match.

Big E and Kofi vs New Day
It sounded like Jericho was going to be the 6th man however is simply in the Usos corner. Just as the Uso’s began to get some momentum, Xavier Woods distracts the referee. Jericho grabs Xavier off the ropes, takes his trompone and snaps it in half. Xavier begins crying: Brilliant! The Uso’s win with a roll up.

Paul Heyman is in Stephanies office, he continues to state that Brock will not compete in the Rumble match and wants to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. Stephanie reminds Paul that Vince owns Brocks contract and will be in the match

JBL announces the first entry into the Hall Of Fame 2016; Sting. A fantastic video package highlighting his career minus his TNA run. WWE NEED to acknolwdge his TNA run which he excelled in.

The Wyatt Family come to the ring only to be interupted by the Social Outcasts. I want their new T-Shirt its awesome!!!

The Wyatts vs Social Outcasts
All four Social Outcats try to take down Braun Strowman to no luck. As Bray enters the ring, Ryback comes to the ring. The Wyatts beat down Ryback; The Social Outcasts help Ryback who eventually gets the advantage.

I like the idea of alliances being formed, makes the Rumble interesting.

We are treated to a recap of Alberto Del Rios loss to Kalisto on Smackdown. Kalisto says he fights everyday for an opportunity just before he faces Del Rio for the US title.

United States Championship – Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto
Del Rio believes that his loss on Smackdown was a fluke. Alberto shows an aggressive side discecting Kalisto the majority of the match. Kalisto uses his high flying offence to get the momentum on his side. However Del Rio constantly shuts Kalisto up. The Lucha Dragon gets plenty of near 3 count finishes.

The crowd are really eating this match up really getting behind Kalisto. Del Rio manages to reverse the Salita del sol and continues to destroy Kailsto. Out of nowhere Kalisto managed to rollup Del Rio for the 3 count and become the nee United States championship.

A really enjoyable match thay made Kalisto look amazing. Well done Kalisto!!!

Charlotte is backstage with JoJo, who says that she has always walked with Flair and that she is the victim not Becky Lynch.

Brie Bella vs Charlotte

Just as Charlotte enters the ring Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte from behind. Ric Flair gets in the ring and says the Diva’s champion isn’t wrestling tonight blaming Becky Lynch.

Roman Reigns versus All

Roman Reigns is set to face 10 different superstars. Vince places Kevin Owens in the match first. Just a thought, this could make the strong run of several stars in this match look worse as a result. Kevin does impress taking control of the match, I expected several quick matches, this isn’t the case thus far at least. Roman kicks out of the Rolling Senton whilst the crowd chant “Suplex City”. Finally the 9 men get involved with the match, Regins getting beaten down following instruction by the boss. “We want Brock” fill the arena as Reigns is beaten. Sheamus hits the Brouge kick as the beast Brock Lesnar finally comes to the ring. Lesnar places his eyes on Reigns, only to attack the New Day and Del Rio. Sheamus gets an advantage for a short while before he is taken to Suplex City. Brock then picks up a broken Reigns and gives him an F5 for good measures. Michael Cole suggests that Brock has entered the rumble match; a little confusing as he didn’t indicate that other than destroying everyone.

Overall Raw is pretty good, I am liking that matches are ending a little quicker due to interference. This adds a little more depth to the feuds. My only concern at this point is other than the Rumble match what other matches are we going to see? I guess Dean vs Owens, New Day vs. The Uso’s and maybe Ryback against Bray Wyatt. No matches have been made and given the Rumble is only 2 weeks away that is a bit concerning. I guess we will find out on Smackdown.

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