TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5th Jan 2016

TNA Impact:

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 05/01/16

With TNA moving to its new home of POP TV, we are excited to bring you the results from this monumental show in TNA history, with a new champion to be crowned here we go with the TNA Impact Results:

– The show opens with an intro promo highlighting the matches tonight with a new opening video and theme song. We then go to Dixie Carter in the ring holding the TNA Championship and thanks the fans, and how this will be the most exciting year for TNA yet. EC3 then makes his way to the ring and wants to have a Carter Family Reunion to air old grievances. He then goes on to say how he will once again become champion tonight before Matt Hardy joins them calling EC3 boring and how it is his destiny to be champion! Matt is then attacked by Eric Young, and is quickly joined by EC3 and Tyrus before Lashley soon joins the furore

– EC3 defeated Bobby Lashley in the TNA Championship Semifinals

– A vignette for The Miracle is shown before Bobby Roode is shown talking about the open challenge, before issuing it to any wrestler in the world.

– Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and thanks the fans before picking Drew Galloway to face next week as part of his Farewell Tour, before Drew make his way out and thanks Kurt and how he will not pass on this opportunity. Jessie Godderz interrupts and says Drew isn’t the future before Eli Drake comes out and calls Jessie boring before it erupts into a fight between them with Angle and Drew ultimately being successful.

– Jeff Hardy is shown backstage and says no injury will prevent Matt from becoming the TNA Champion.

– Matt Hardy defeated Eric Young in the TNA Championship Semifinals

– EC3 and Tyrus are shown backstage talking to Jeff who responds saying all his excuses have run out and Matt will become the new champion tonight.

– Bobby Roode (c) defeated Bram to retain the TNA King of the Mountain Championship

– Eric Young attacks Roode after the match and double teams him with Bram until James Storm makes his return who then talks about why he returned and toasts to MONEY!

– The Beautiful People and Angelina are shown backstage, with Angelina saying that her replacement may hate The Dollhouse more than they do.

– James Storm is then shown backstage and challenges Bram and Roode to a match At the PPV.

– The Beautiful People and Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse

– The Miracle is then introduced as Mike Bennett and how he will save TNA and that the true Miracle will be when he captures the TNA Championship.

– Drew thanks Kurt before they are approached by The Wolves, who challenge them to a match at the PPV, before Jessie and Eli are added to the mix.

– EC3 (w/ Tyrus) defeated Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) in the TNA Championship Finals to become champion.

What did you think of TNA Impact debuting on POP TV, what do you think about The Miracle and EC3 becoming the champion…we’d love to know what you think!

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