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Royal Rumble 2016 Participants

We are now on the countdown to the Royal Rumble 2016, where we will bear witness to the twenty-ninth Royal Rumble match and The Road to WrestleMania 32 truly beginning. With well over 100,000 seats to sell in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas the WWE are going to have to use their booking savvy and creativity to the absolute maximum to ensure that the show is action packed, and the Royal Rumble 2016 is where they can begin this.

This past week on Monday Night RAW, the worlds largest “athlete” The Big Show officially announced himself as the first participant in the Royal Rumble match, which quite frankly I couldn’t care less about because since his feud with Roman Reigns came to an end in the summer, Big Show has literally done nothing of note and has not even featured predominantly on television since. Should he win the Royal Rumble, no thank you, he doesn’t deserve to win the match because he adds nothing to the WWE product anymore, he isn’t credible or entertaining…when he appears, it is literally toilet break time!

Later on in the week, it was announced on wwe.com that Curtis Axel was officially the second entrant in the Royal Rumble. In a nice spot, Axel is proclaiming to have never officially being eliminated from the 2015 Royal Rumble, which in theory makes his reign in the 2015 Royal Rumble nearly a year long. Axel is a great character and wrestler, but certainly deserves much better on the WWE roster than he is receiving. He may well be a future Royal Rumble winner, but I don’t think 2016 is the year for him, he needs to build up his momentum first to be taken seriously.

Updated Entrants

30-Man Royal Rumble WWE Title Match:

  1. Roman Reigns (champion)
  2. Big Show
  3. Curtis Axel
  4. Ryback
  5. Bray Wyatt
  6. Braun Strowman
  7. Luke Harper
  8. Erick Rowan
  9. Dolph Ziggler
  10. Chris Jericho
  11. Brock Lesnar,

Nevertheless, with just three weeks to go till the Royal Rumble, we can looked forward to more competitors being announced this forthcoming week on Monday Night RAW, who do you think they will be and what will they have in store for the WWE Universe as The Road to WrestleMania 32 begins!

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