WWE Monday Night Raw 28th Dec 2015 Results and Review

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Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw comes live from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn New York. Tonight’s main event will see a returning John Cena get his rematch against Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship. Here are the results from Raw 28th Dec 2015.

Raw kicks off with Mr McMahon coming to the ring and calling out WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. “You better speak up old man” Roman you are class! Vince tells Roman that he own’s the ring, the WWE title and sooner or later Roman will realise he will own him soon. Roman responds with the good comeback, “you rich snobs are all the same thinking your own everything”. Vince then talks about Roman’s family saying he paid Roman’s Dad peanuts. Roman slightly shoves Vince to the floor; awkwardly Vince claims his neck hurts. Stephanie comes to the ring demanding that officers arrest Roman Reigns. The head of police refuse, instead telling Stephanie to calm her down otherwise she is going to jail. Vince shouts at the head of police saying “I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit”, Vince puts his hands on the head of police and gets arrested.

This segment was brilliant, I loved Roman’s comebacks to Vince and the whole situation with the Police was brilliant. Roman escapes with the title. An opener which makes you want to watch the rest of the show.

Neville vs Kevin Owens

Looking for redemption from “stealing” the Breakout Superstar” at the Slammy’ last week. Quickly Owens falls the floor, with Neville going to the Red Arrow. Owen’s gets out of the way and goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb, Neville reverses and pins Owens for the 3 counts in the quick match. An outraged Kevin Owen’s attacks Neville after the match. We go to a break, following the break replay’s show what just happened. Kevin Owens once again attacks Neville; Dean Ambrose then comes to the rescue and brawls with Kevin Owens. Owens has enough and goes back to the locker room. Neville wins

Considering the potential of the match between these two, I am quite happy the match was short. This kept your attention and full up fire in Owens is exactly what he needs. When nothing happened between Owens and Ambrose last week, this restarted the fire in the feud. 

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is alone in this match against Sasha Banks with Team B.A.D.  The numbers games gets the better Becky; Tamina distracts the referee, allowing Naomi to kick Becky in the head giving Sasha the opportunity to hit the Back-stabber and apply the Bank Statement. Becky reverses; only for Sasha to reverse the Disarmer. Sasha picks up the win.

Sasha dissects Becky brilliantly throughout and shows a true heel side in the ring, overall a really enjoyable match, nice to have a diva’s match that lasts over 15 minutes.

The mug shots of Vince has surfaced; WWE have sent Renee Young to the police prescient for continuous updates throughout the night. Paparazzi are also outside. Stephanie is on her way to the station. Just a thought, how can Renee get the station before Steph?

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto

A New Day come to the ring and talk about how they won the WWE Tag Titles here in Brooklyn and also saw the debut of the trombone. Xavier talks about bring a New Day exclusive song back to Brooklyn, however as you didn’t vote for New Day to be Tag Team Of The Year they are not going to sing for the crowd. Sin Cara gets involved allowing Kalisto to pick up the victory.

Big E vs Sin Cara

Xavier Woods isn’t happy with the result of challenges Sin Cara to face Big E instead of him. Highlight of the match was Sin Cara delivering a Rolling Senton on Big E from the top rope! Big E finishes of Sin Cara with the Big Ending for the win. Big E wins

Nice an enjoyable segment with New Day; lets face it anything they are involved in is gold. 

Miz TV 2015 Celebration

Miz TV is up next to celebrate 2015, very quickly Ryback interrupts saying he should look to the future not the past and 2016 is the year of the Big Guy. Hilariously Ryback burps into the microphone. Goldust makes his return to Raw, going through various awards that The Miz is not going to win. Zack Ryder appears, to a huge ovation saying 2016 is his year. Miz continues his celebration by saying on January 2nd he tried Yoga for the first time. R-Truth comes out, saying that every Superstar is eligible for Superstar of the Year and asks the WWE Universe to vote for him. Miz points of the obvious that the Slammy’s were last week. Really they are doing R-Truth is forgetful? He was a former NWA/TNA Champion and faced The Rock at Survivor Series 2011. Heath Slater and The Big Show come to the ring who then takes outs everyone in the ring. Big Show enters himself into the Royal Rumble.

I guess WWE needed to ensure that minimum Raw appearances were met hence why we saw Slater and Ryder! But the ovation they got, come on WWE bring them back! The Big Show entering the Royal Rumble wooooo….

Big Show vs Ryback

Following Shows attack on Ryback an impromptu match is made. Ryback dominates the Big Show throughout, The Big Show has enough and decides to walk away from the fight.

Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Rusev vs The Usos and Dean Ambrose

It is nice to see Barrett is back in the ring following an injury scare. Sheamus proclaims that beatdown on the “Family” will be dedicated to Mr McMahon. The League of Nations dominate the majority of the match eventually taking out Ambrose and Jey Uso. Sheamus reverses a Splash from the top right by Jimmy Uso, the Irishman hits the Brogue Kick for the 1, 2 and 3.

Winners: Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Rusev.

Post match Kevin Owens attacks Dean Ambrose again whilst he is down and delivers a devastating Powerbomb through the announce table. We are shown a recap of what went down earlier in the night when Mr McMahon got arrested. Renee Young gives us an update. Mr McMahon has been released on Police bail, he leaves the Prescient avoiding all questions from the Paparazzi.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio – United States Championship

Its main event time, John Cena has returned to Raw and challenges Alberto Del Rio. Cena proclaims that the United States title was fun but Del Rio as champion the US Title has lost its fun. Del Rio comes out and says Brooklyn doesn’t deserve the championship match. Jaun Cena tries to convince Del Rio to put the belt on the line. When Del Rio finally accepts, the crowd erupt.

A close fought battle, Cena almost wins with the STF with Del Rio tapping out however the referee gets knocked out. The League of Nations comes to the ring, Rusev knocks Cena out however Cena kicks out. Del Rio kicks Cena in the head with Cena once again kicking out. John manages to hit the AA, only for the League of Nations to stop the count causing the DQ. – Winner John Cena via DQ

Del Rio and Cena have always has great chemistry, the match was short as I expect another encounter between these two will happen very soon.

The League of Nations continue the assault on Cena, the Uso’s come out who get taken out, Reigns gives Rusev an incredible spear and takes down Shemaus. Vince McMahon is back in the building, who proclaims that he will sue New York City Police. Mr McMahon announces that next week Roman Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title against Sheamus with Mr McMahon as the special guest referee.

Raw Concludes.

Image Credit: WWE Monday Night Raw Facebook Page

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