2015 Review: Top OMG Moments in WWE

Roman Reigns WWE Champion

2015 has provided several OMG moments in WWE; Wrestlemania 31 was full of them, the ladder match, that RKO and the cash in. Below are 5 of the most shocking moments which we didn’t expect to see in 2015. Obviously there are plenty of other moments; The Undertaker costing Brock Lesnar the title; Sting hiding as Seth Rollins statue and generally anything Dean Ambrose.

5. Alberto Del Rio return

Never say never; Alberto Del Rio was fired in August 2014 by WWE after a racial clash. After wrestling the world as Alberto Del Patron in Lucha Underground and AAA, the Mexican Asroicrat made his shocking return to WWE at Hell In A Cell pinning John Cena in less than 6 minutes.

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4. Ronda Rousey

Wrestlemania moments are meant to last forever and this one was pure gold. Following his victory over Sting, HHH and Stephanie proclaimed the Authorities greatest only for The Great One to confront the duo. With Stephanie getting right into The Rock’s face’; The Peoples Champ told Steph that he doesn’t put his hands on a women and walked out of the ring. Only for him to change his mind and that he knows someone who will. UFC Womens champion Ronda Rousey. Following a staredown, Ronda manhandled Triple H and almost tore Steph’s arm in two. Amazing!

3. The Shield Reunite – For a moment

At WWE Payback Seth Rollins was forced to defend his WWE World Heavyweight title against Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. What we didn’t expect was the Shield team up and take out Randy Orton. The former Shield members delivered a triple powerbomb to Randy Orton through the announce table. Later on in the year Seth Rollins would be forced to team up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on an episode of Raw.

2. Roman Reigns Finally Wins The Gold

WWE pulled the trigger at a completely unexpected time; in a brilliant turn of event’s Roman swindled his way into a WWE title match against Sheamus. In a main event where everything went against Roman; a Superman punch to Vince McMahon and a spear later allowed Reigns to capture the WWE World Heavyweight title. What makes this so shocking is that 11 months earlier; Reigns was booed out of the building for winning the Royal Rumble that fan’s wanted Daniel Bryan to win. For Reigns to turn full circle; that incredible spear on Triple H the night before cemented Reigns as the man of 2015.

1. Seth Rollins Becomes Champ

In front of 80,000 fans Seth Rollins shocked the world by cashing in his Money In The Bank contract during the main event of Wrestlemaina 31. Making the match a triple threat, Seth pinned Roman Reigns to become champion ending the Beast Brock Lesnars reign as champion. Never before as the cash in taken place mid match which makes the moment even more special.

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