WWE Preview: 2 Huge Names To Return on RAW 28/12/15

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WWE RAW 28/12/2015 Preview

Who can believe it, we are now at the end of 2015 and the final WWE RAW of the year is upon us. The last few months have being a turbulent time in the WWE, with numerous high profile injuries and absences affecting the roster and direction of the creative but we are now in the era of Roman Reigns as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, so with the final RAW of 2015, what can we potentially expect the WWE to conjure up…

  • The New Day

After capturing the 2015 Tag Team of the Year at the Slammy Awards and successfully defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against The Lucha Dragons on Super SmackDown, there is certainly a lot for The New Day to be celebrating about but what does the final RAW of 2015 have in store for the WWE’s most positive superstars, and how receptive will the WWE Universe be to it – will Big E get to shake his booty, will Xavier get to play his trombone, will Kofi get something…only time will tell!

  • Too Little, Too Late

In recent weeks, WWE Divas Champion Charlotte has shown the WWE Universe that she is prepared to do anything to win a match, much like her legendary father Ric Flair, but this seems to be causing some fraught tension between herself and Becky Lynch. Charlotte has shown she will be there for her friend, but only when she has helped herself first…will the current situation between Charlotte and Becky improve on the final RAW of 2015, or will relations between the two breakdown further as we go into 2016.

  • John Cena Returns

Having being unseen since the events of Hell in a Cell 2015, John Cena is set to make his return to the WWE on the final RAW of 2015 but what does he have in store for the WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and what will he make of the WWE upon his return, new champions and The League of Nations running wild. What does John Cena have in store for the WWE Universe and how will he set the tone for 2016? Cena recently confirmed that he remains committed to the WWE despite his recent success on the small screen so surely he has something in store for Alberto?

  • The Authority Revolts

Since Seth Rollins was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the beginning of November following an injury, The Authority thought they’d found their new man in Sheamus but their plan was soon derailed by Roman Reigns. After taking out both Triple H and Mr. McMahon in recent weeks, Stephanie McMahon is on the verge of breaking point so what does she have planned for Roman Reigns on the final RAW of 2015?

  • Mr. McMahon is in the Building

It has recently being confirmed by WWE.com that Mr. McMahon will be at the final RAW of 2015 following his attack from Roman Reigns a couple of weeks ago. Mr. McMahon has never being one to shy away from something or let someone get the better of him so surely he will have a game plan heading into the final RAW of 2015 for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. We recently discussed here his return, so when he makes his return this Monday evening, will Mr. McMahon do what is right for business?

What would you like to happen on the final RAW of 2015, is Vince McMahon’s return “Best for Business” and how do you think John Cena will exact his revenge against Alberto Del Rio and will Big E get to shake his booty…we’d love to know what you think will happen!

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