OSR: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004 Review

Choose the Losers Fate match: Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene

Surprisingly, considering these two are suppose to be related, there isn’t a backstory to this match and they just appear in the ring, with Eugene playing his character probably to well. Anyhow, Bischoff starts off dominating the action with martial arts moves to keep Eugene down but he quickly mounts a comeback and takes down Bischoff with various old school wrestling moves, before mocking stars like Hogan. He eventually nails Bischoff with a Hogan-style leg drop to pick up the win, in a very poor match. We then go back to The Coach, who announces that it will be a Shave Your Head match (59%) before Coach makes his way down to the ring in an effort to change the fans mind…um, no but then decides he will go with Bischoff being Eugene’s servant for 5 minutes…until “No Chance in Hell” hits and outs storms Vince McMahon (for which Eugene is bouncing around like an excited something). He goes onto say that if Bischoff doesn’t get his head shaved then he will be fired. There is a lot of fire and expletives in Vince’s voic, which is really cool and shows a lot of aggression towards his product…maybe that is the key. After a while (and nearly five times the length of the match), Bischoff is shaved bald and The Coach is made to wear a dress. The after segment was quite cool, the match was awful.

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage to Shawn Michaels getting his knee taped by the trainer for his torn meniscus, until they are interrupted by a fired up Edge who lambastes Michaels for going forward with the championship match this evening despite knowing he doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning. The fire shown by Edge is really good, this was evidently the start of his push to the main event spot and little segments like this only added his development as the heel in that role.

World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance (c) vs. Chris Benoit and Edge

La Resistance come out first to a chorus of boos, which is intensified when Sylvain Grenier sings the French/Canadian National Anthem exceptionally badly but fair play to him for going through with it before Benoit comes out first followed by a miffed Edge who starts the action in very solid back and forth action with both men. To be honest, this has the absolute potential to be a cracking match and Edge portrays an exceptional heel at this point, he even gets into an argument with a fan at one point. I do like the combination of Edge and Benoit, they seemed to work very well as a tag team but I must point out how refreshing La Resistance are as a tag team, the antagonist role is being fulfilled wonderfully by them. In true heel style, Edge soon walks out on Benoit leaving it a handicap match as La Resistance remain dominant whilst Edge is shown leaving the building. Benoit eventually mounts a comeback against both men before locking Grenier in the Crossface making him tap out, to make him and Edge new champions. Pretty decent match, as expected with a very solid effort and compelling story being told by Edge.

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

We now go backstage to Todd Grisham with Triple H, talking about how the whole concept of Taboo Tuesday is a load of rubbish and Shawn Michaels is full of rubbish before we go back to Lawler and JR who are talking about the plausibility of Michaels injury.

Christy Hemme vs. Carmella

We are shown a promo for this match, which shows the conclusion of the Diva Search but really makes me wonder why this match had a place on this card, this really demoralized the Divas division at this time and didn’t do them any favors. Next up, Carmella comes out first followed by Christy to virtually no reaction from the audience and they look really out of place. The ring is for skilled persons, not to people who are as green as Shrek or The Grinch…there really isn’t a place on the card for such a contest but it is announced that it will be a Lingerie Pillow Fight (winning with 57%) before going behind a screen for what seems like a lifetime to get changed ready for the “match”, before they eventually make their way to the ring where Christy removes Carmella’s “chicken fillets” but by god does she still look hot regardless. Anyhow, this quickly descends into a catfight with lots of feathers everywhere before Christy gains the pinfall victory over Carmella…they took longer getting changed than their “match”…Carmella is really hot, but this is pointless.

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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