WWE News: Finn Balor – The Main Roster Would Be A Step Down; Balor vs Zyan

Finn Balor WWE UK Tour April 2015

NXT is arguably the best television currently produced by WWE. This year has seen a massive expansion culminating in a tour of the United Kingdom in December. Whilst every superstar that steps into the Performance Centre should have the goal of reaching the main roster it appears that isn’t the right thing for certain wrestlers. During an interview with Sam Roberts, Finn Balor was asked if he wants to be called up to the main roster. his response is interesting to say the least:

“I really believe that what we’re doing here in the WWE Performance Center [and] what we’re doing with NXT is something that’s going to be remembered for years. I feel like to get quote, unquote called up to the main roster would be, maybe, like a step back for my career right now. Obviously, instant gratification, you get called up to the main roster, that’s great, but I think what we’re doing here in NXT will stand longer in history as kind of like a revolutionary period and to kind of pull myself out of that would be detrimental to my career in the long term.”

With the huge success do you blame Balor? NXT is expanding massively; NXT Takeover: Dallas has already sold out (tbh 7,000 seater isn’t too hard with it being Wrestlemania week). None-the-less you need to look at the successes of those who have moved up. Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens are reaping the rewards whilst some have struggled. Emma, The Ascension, Tyler Breeze have all failed to grab the imagination of the WWE Universe. In the case of Emma, her awkward dancing gimmick was doomed from the start. How was anyone meant to take her seriously. The Ascension sunk to the bottom of the rankings during the awful Tag Team burying angle. Tyler Breeze hasn’t had enough time to make a fair judgement but is also looking down at the same path.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

NXT Takeover: Dallas

During Wrestlemania week on April 1st, WWE will host NXT Takeover: Dallas. An event already sold out at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre with 7,000 fans packing the Centre. With the fall out of NXT Takeover: London, WWE are looking at building their NXT “Wrestlemania” feuds.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Finn Balor will either defend his NXT Championship against Baron Corbin or Sami Zayn, whilst Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder will take on Jason Jordan and Chad Gable for the NXT Tag Team titles.

Finn and Sami are great friends in real life, the prospect of a match between the two will be incredible, especially during Wrestlemania weekend. Of course this all depends on whether Sami Zayn moves to the main roster or not. Prior to his shoulder injury Sami did move to the main roster; with a huge angle involving John Cena being planned. That role was given to Kevin Owens instead. Time will tell; as Sami returned to NXT this week.

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