WWE News: John Cena Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Whether you chant “Lets go Cena” or reply with “Cena sucks”, you can’t help appreciate how much John Cena has given to the wrestling industry in the 13 years John has spent in WWE. Whilst most of the negative Cena types that surround internet forums John Cena has proclaimed he is not going anywhere any time soon.

Speaking to the New York Times, the 15 time World Champion was asked about his future in the wrestling business, consider the time he has spent away on some personal projects to film FOX reality competition American Grit. Here is what the leader of the Cenation proclaimed.

“I have a very good mutual understanding with my boss that I don’t ever want to leave; I really like it in the ring. I try to pick opportunities that don’t take me away from WWE for too long. I try to do opportunities that can really help expand our audience and bring new eyes to our product.”

John’s passion is clear, professional wrestling is what drives him, however he has received plenty of opportunities thanks to WWE Films which has edged Cena close to Hollywood. He starred in Amy Schumer’s 2015 film Trainwreck; something that didn’t take John away from the squared circle too long. John’s recent break has taken him to be part of American Grit.

Unlike Dwyane The Rock Johnson, John is clear that his crossover is not a permanent one, or something that will keep Cena away from the ring for too long. John see’s the bigger picture, he is 100% WWE. Him being involved in other projects, albeit Total Diva’s, films or TV shows. John exposes the WWE brand further; just like Hogan and Rock did whilst they were mainstayers in WWE.

Interesting, in the recently released film “Daddy’s Home” which has received a host of negative reviews, Variety noted John Cena’s cameo appearance as a highlight.

“It might qualify as edgy if it wasn’t all so tedious and trite. Ferrell and Wahlberg could play these broadly conceived characters in their sleep, which actually appears to be the case for long stretches of screen time here, and never duplicate the chemistry they demonstrated in The Other Guys…It’s not until John Cena shows up, in a clever cameo cannily playing off a memorable scene in “Trainwreck,” that true inspiration strikes. Appropriately enough, that happens right before the closing credits.”

Whilst we all may have “Cenenough”, the break has been refreshing. John makes his return tonight at Madison Square Gardens and will challenge Alberto Del Rio for the United States title this coming Monday on Raw. With such a shortfall of big name stars on the injury shelf, John’s imminent return can’t be soon enough.

Are you excited for John Cena’s return this Monday?

You can read the full article looking professional wrestlers transforming in Hollywood via New York Times here

Image Credit: John Cena Facebook Page

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