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TNA Impact Wrestling has found a new home in the name of Pop! TV in the United States, following Destination America dropping the TV show a year into their contract. Once again TNA are back in restart mode just like last January. In the “new start” TNA have announced that they are airing a special One Night Only PPV called “TNA One Night Only: Live!” broadcasting from Bethlehem, PA on traditional Pay-per-view outlets on Friday, January 8th at 8pm.

In recent years TNA have massively reduced the number of PPV’s each year with 2014 reverting to pre-record PPV’s focusing on special themes at a much cheaper rate. The PPV at the beginning of the year will continue this. According to the event synopsis on InDemand’s website

“It’s a dawn of a new era, where anything can and will happen. For one night only, the stars of Impact Wrestling discover what 2016 has in store.”

The PPV event will air live in USA and Canada whilst UK fans will get to see the event on Challenge TV (UK) on 12th December. This is good news for TNA to hold another PPV even if it is an One Night Only event.

With the move to Destination America last January, TNA replaced last standing commentator Mike Tenay for former WWE announcer Josh Matthews. Mike Tenay shot down rumours that he will reprise his old role in an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated

On possibly returning to TNA to be a commentator:

“That hasn’t been discussed with me,” said Tenay. “I think it’s great that TNA, in a very competitive time, found that outlet for Impact Wrestling. There is an absolutely terrific group of very talented people who still have the ability to apply their trade and make a living because of that, and it’s fantastic for everybody involved.”

TNA have yet to reveal much news about any changes moving in 2016, we can expect TNA to keep The Pope alongside Josh Matthews as the announce team with Mike Tenay continuing his role as backstage interviewer. Regardless, let’s all hope for the wrestling industry that TNA’s move to POP! is a successful one.

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