WWE Opinion: Is Vince McMahon’s Return Best for Business?

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Vince McMahon Returns!

On this past weeks RAW, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon made his return to television after an absence of just over a year. The last time he was seen was expressing his disappointment to Stephanie and Triple H following their loss to Team Cena at Survivor Series 2014. His return came unannounced following Roman Reigns attack on Triple H at the end of TLC, when he came out and abruptly ended the match between R-Truth and Bo Dallas. He later had a segment with Roman Reigns where he confirmed that Reigns would face Sheamus for the championship in the main event that evening before proceeding to kick Reigns in the gentleman’s area. Whilst attempting to aid Sheamus retain later on, he took a Superman Punch from Reigns  shortly before Reigns captured the title. But why the sudden return and is it best for business, we take a look!

Back in the fall of 1997, the Mr McMahon character made his debut following his attack from Stone Cold Steve Austin and the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Throughout the Attitude Era, his feud was one of the, if not the hottest thing on WWE programming at the time. McMahon took part in some gruesome battles and truly took a beating but also took part in some amazing segments and promos, his character was fresh, invigorating and exciting but as time went on the character of Mr McMahon lost its effectiveness and impact on the audience. Don’t get me wrong, he has had good feuds since the Attitude Era, namely Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Stephanie McMahon but none have shone quite like his one with Austin. He has had terrible feuds with DX (even though it began well with Shawn Michaels), Zach Gowen and The Undertaker to name but a few.

Following the controversial on-screen “death” of the Mr McMahon character in 2007, his credibility was damaged somewhat when the real life death of Chris Benoit and his family forced a good, old school rewrite, WWE style. This then took us the the equally awful illegitimate son storyline where it was as eventually Hornswoggle, the “son” of Finlay, pretending to be McMahon’s son. Since 2011, McMahon has appeared significantly less than he ever has and has had one match in 5 years (I happily stand to be corrected). So, why the sudden reason for his return?

Well to be frank with you, its likely because the TV ratings for RAW are diabolical at the moment, and there is a high possibility USA Network executives are breathing down WWE’s neck to improve things ahead of SmackDown! moving to the network early next year and WWE seem to think the answer to this is to get the McMahon family on TV again but to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy seeing a 70-year-old man kick another between the legs, let alone the man who became WWE World Heavyweight Champion later that night. Given the creative direction TLC 2015 and RAW this week, it would appear they are heading for a Roman Reigns versus The McMahon’s going into 2016, but for this editor that is not best for business. Vince McMahon doesn’t have the same level of credibility or dare I say fear about him to than he did 15 years ago, for me, he is hanging onto past glories to maintain his show whether that be someone on the roster or himself. He is no longer the threat  he once was,  wrestling fans are a lot smarter than we were 15 years ago given the advances in social media and the Internet but Vince doesn’t want to adapt his booking style accordingly it seems.

Furthermore, I really do not want to see Reigns versus Triple H for the title. whilst I have the utmost respect for his achievements, he has barely wrestled in 2 years and I don’t think that is the direction they should be going in. They need to look at the talent who will be the future of the business who can be the next big superstar. The way in which McMahon returned isn’t best for business, whilst I really don’t like Truth, as a competitor it must have being exceptionally demoralising. In some ways not want you to over excel yourself if your boss is going to do that. A more effective way would have being for McMahon to stand at ringside and admire the match to its finish, then enter the ring. The WWE in my opinion desperately need a new authority figure, along the lines of an Eric Bischoff or John Laurinatis, but a new character we aren’t aware of who can be tailored to the WWE product so they will ultimately be believed in. The future is now, and in 2015 Vince McMahon isn’t that.

Do you agree with my opinion of Vince McMahon’s return…was it Best for Business or have they missed the mark – should he have stayed away and left it to The Authority –  we’d love to know what you are think?

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