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In Your House: http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wwe/mcgrath-and-grays-retro-rewind-in-your-house-1/#.Vi1XvPnhCM8

Omaha Nebraska, hosts April 1996’s edition of In Your House dubbed Good Friends Make Better Enemies. which sees new WWF Champion Shawn Michaels take on old friend Diesel in an No Holds Barred match for the championship. Whilst I have seen most PPV events this is one that has alluded me, even the main event, which I hear is a good one.

British Bulldog vs Jake The Snake Roberts

Our first match see’s the British Bulldog takes on Jake The Snake Roberts. Following Jakes snake attack of the Bulldog in Germany, Clarence Mason hands Jake Roberts an injunction against the Snake being ringside. Jake doesn’t give two fingers and reveals the snake causing Jim Corenette to collapse, hilarious! Jake goes backstage bringing Ahmed Johnson to even the odds. Owen starts the match with Jake, so it looks like it is now a tag match. “Anything can happen in the WWF” proclaims Vince. Tbh Jake vs Bulldog would have been good! Ahmed Johnson is obviously the chosen one, with him giving alot of offence and showing his power. In the end, Bulldog disects Jake Roberts knee, so much a pretty lame looking Single Legged Boston crab seals the victory

Match Rating: 1.5 stars out of 5

Goldust vs Ultimate Warrior

The crowd go wild for Ultimate Warrior, it is nice to see that the fans still love him. Vince spares no expense with his entrance either! I anticipate this being a short one. Goldust has just regained the Intercontinental championship so we shall see. Goldust is scared of Warrior so walks around the ring for a while and decides to go to the back. After taunting, Goldust is lured back to the ring by Warrior who finally gets some offence. In the end Goldust just walks to the back and the match is over. Well that was wasteful and pointless.

Match Rating :0.5 stars out of 5

Razor Ramon vs Vader

Vader had recently returned from suspension following his impactful debut at the Royal Rumble. The Mastadon had just taken out Yokozuna from action and set to face Razor tonight. A fairly even match between these two men. Razor did kick out of the Vader splash which I thought was a bit strange. Vader picks up the momentum and lands the victory following another Vader splash. Post match, Dox Hendrix announces that Vader will face Yokozuna at the next In Your House… I am thrilled.

Match Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Up next we see a plug for some horrific WWE polo neck and baseball cap sets. Terrible, who was in charge of merchandise back then?

Body Donnas vs The Godwins – WWF Tag Championship

The tag titles are up for grabs next with Sunny’s Bodydonnas defending the gold against the Godwins. Nothing to exciting to report from this match if I am honest. Who really thought Skip and Zip looked alike enough to pull off “twin magic”. After a failed attempt earlier this match, Sunny distracts the referee to allow the in ring switch to happen. Skip rolls up Phineas for the win.

Match rating: 1 star out of 5.

Following the match a promo promoting the next In Your House event is shown, it is interesting how they have already announced the card with on going feuds already. I guess the 2 hour show leaves alot of space. Nice to see some longer build rather than through away random matches.

Shawn Michaels vs Diesel – No Holds Barred WWF Championship Match

I didn’t expect to Michaels to use a literal bo0t to the head! Pretty unique not seen that before. I love how they kept pushing the line, Diesel attacking the referee to obtain his belt was great. How he then used the belt was genius for the time, choking and throwing Michaels around the ring. Definitely wouldn’t see that today! That match was purely down to how Michaels survived Diesel’s vicious onslaught especially when he sent Michaels crashing through the announce table. Which for a few moments nice not to hear Vince on the mic! Michaels then took the advantage blinding Diesel with the fire extinguisher following with chair shots and high impact offence. Michaels was able to reverse the powerbomb. The unthinkable (for the time) continues, Diesel then grabs Mad Dog Vachon who was ringside, only to obtain his false leg. Michaels obtains it who smacks Diesel in the head with it; setting Michaels up for the Super kick and the three count. A very enjoyable match, by far the best of the night. For it’s time this was unique, something WWF fans had barely seen in the ring.

Match Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5

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