WWE News: Sting Injury Update

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Sting Injury Update

Back in September 2015, Sting faced off against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Night of Champions. For a man who is 56-years-old, he entered an exceptional performance and looked like he was back in the 1980/90s, he was that good but at the 11-minute mark it was apparent something to was wrong, after taking the powerbomb to the turnbuckle he fell to his knees but when he went to duck a clothesline, he crumpled and fell to his knees. It was evident something was wrong, and after a few moments with the ringside trainer he carried on but quickly went to the finish. Bar a brief interview with WWE.com a couple of days later, he has remained silent ever since…until now that is. In a recent interview with Ric Flair on his WOOOO! Nation podcast, Flair bought up the subject of how he was doing almost instantly to which Sting replied:

“I’ve got two spots in my neck that are troublesome, it’s called cervical spinal stenosis. So I have two areas in my neck where the spinal canal — which holds the spinal cord — [is] kind of choked off at two different locations” – Sting  (WWE.com)

Obviously this isn’t good news for the Stinger, neck surgery of any kind is a risky business but at a man of his age surely this must be a concern. Aside from the occasional shoulder or elbow injury, he has remained relatively injury this for much of his career so this will obviously be a blow for him but also the WWE. They are currently suffering from a large number of injuries and absences including Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and John Cena to name but a few so another major star with a severe injury really doesn’t help.

Hopefully, he won’t need a more invasive form of surgery as they will extend his recuperation time but ultimately pose more risks. A slight concern from this editors standpoint is that it was Cervical Spinal Stenosis which cut short the career of Adam Copeland better known as Edge in 2011. For those wanting to understand what Cervical Spinal Stenosis is, this involves the narrowing of the Spinal canal in various different places of the spine causing a deficit in the neurological system. The immediate symptoms persisted from this can be numbness, severe pain and loss of their motor control.

Ultimately for Sting, his neck isn’t in the condition Edge’s was in 2011 but as said earlier neck surgery for a man in his mid 50s is an obvious concern. We hope that Sting goes onto making a full recovery in the next few months. Obviously, this looks like WrestleMania 32 is off the cards for him, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be involved in another way…maybe a 2016 Hall of Fame Induction?

We here at Wrestling’s Dirty Deeds which the Sting a full and speedy recovery, and hopefully look forward to seeing him get his one last hurrah and big win in the WWE before sailing off into the sunset.

What do you think of Sting’s current injury status…do you think he will be back for one more hurrah and who against?

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