Random Wrestling Facts Christmas Countdown: December 7. 2015

We’re now on the countdown to Christmas 2015, and to take the sight off the doom and gloom in the buildup to this time of the year we shall be counting down the 19 Days till Christmas by bringing you a random wrestling fact on each day, with something related to the specific number of days left till Christmas. Yesterday, amongst other things we bought you WWE Veteran, X-Pac who was 20 when he debuted in 1993, and now here we go with Number 19…

Random Fact Number 19: Rey Mysterio

When he entered the 19th Annual Royal Rumble match at Number 2 in 2006, no one expected this small, undersized wrestler to go all the way to the finish but he did. He lasted an astonishing 62 minutes, becoming the then record holder for the longest Rumble appearance. Dedicating his match to the memory of recently passed Eddie Guerrero, he overcome the obstacles put in front of him on The Road to WrestleMania and went onto to become arguably the smallest wrestler to hold the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE history when he defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. He held the championship for several months, before losing to King Booker in the summer and he later turned his attention to the man who cost him the championship, Chavo Guerrero.

Other Number 19 Random Facts

  1. WrestleMania XIX: held at Safeco Field on March 30. 2003, the 19th Annual WrestleMania to date remains the only time the event was held in the state of Washington and was headlined by a triple main event: Austin vs Rock III, Angle vs Lesnar and Hogan vs McMahon.
  2. Rene Dupree: when he made his debut on RAW in 2003 as part of La Resistance, he quickly became World Tag Team Champion at the age of 19 thus making him the youngest champion in WWE history, and technically the only teenager to be a champion within the company.
  3. Shane McMahon: despite not rising to prominence until the late 1990s in the Attitude Era, a younger Shane O Mac made his debut at Survivor Series 1989 as a referee named Shane Stevens at the age of 19. He would continue to make semi-official appearances as a referee and backstage personnel feud for several years thereafter.
  4. Kelly Kelly: when she was signed to a WWE Developmental contract in May 2006, despite having no wrestling experience, she was only 19 years old and quickly debuted on newly relaunched ECW Brand as an exhibitionist…
  5. October 19. 2004: on this day, it marked the first time in 8 years a regular WWE pay-per-view was held on a day other than a Sunday, when Taboo Tuesday made its debut and provided fans a unique opportunity to vote on match stipulations for the matches throughout the night.
  6. May 19. 1991: on this day, it marked the inaugural WCW SuperBrawl event which would become a yearly tradition until the companies closure in 2001. The event was headlined by a battle between Ric Flair and Tatsumi Fujinami for both the NWA and WCW World Championships.
  7. January 19. 1988: on this day, a child called Mattias Clement was born Penticton, British Columbia. He would later become known to millions as new WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze, quickly engaging in a feud with seasoned performer, Dolph Ziggler.
  8. January 19. 1991: on this day, it marked a brave move when WWE made Iraqi Sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter WWE Champion over the Ultimate Warrior at the Royal Rumble. The security concern from this is attributed towards the reason for changing the location of WrestleMania 7 from the L.A Memorial Coliseum to the L.A Sports Arena.
  9. Rank 19: this position is jointly held by John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield and Yokozuna for the total number of combined days they have held the WWE Championship, having held the title for 280 days each, currently positioning them number 19…a little bit behind Bruno Sammartino’s 4,040 combined number of days.
  10. May 19. 2006: WWE began airing a series of mystery vignettes about this date dictated at Kane which were causing him to have a mini-breakdown in the ring. It was later revealed by Kane that this was the date his mother and adoptive family had died (kayfabe), when in actual fact it was to promote the release of his film, See No Evil.

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