Random Wrestling Facts Christmas Countdown: December 5. 2015

We’re now on the countdown to Christmas 2015, and to take the sight off the doom and gloom in the buildup to this time of the year we shall be counting down the 21 Days till Christmas by bringing you a random wrestling fact on each day, with something related to the specific number of days left till Christmas. Yesterday, amongst other things we bought you the January 22. 1995, Royal Rumble, and now here we go with Number 21…

Random Fact Number 21: WWE Championships

To my amazement, there have being 21 different championships in the WWE which have being retired and does not include any active championships. The earliest of these titles was the WWWF United States Tag Team Championship founded in 1958 with Don Curtis and Mark Lewin being the inaugural champions, before it was later retired without fanfare in July 1967. The most recent retirement of a championship in the WWE occurred in 2013 at TLC, when the World Heavyweight Championship was unified with the WWE Championship, and subsequently retired. The longest reigning retired championship in WWE history was the Women’s Championship, founded in 1956 with its inaugural and longest serving champion, The Fabulous Moolah before it was retired 54 years later in 2010, with Layla being the final champion. Given the complexity of the wrestling world today, could you imagine if some of these titles still existed, it may actually be beneficial to some of the guys lower down the roster…

Other Number 21 Random Facts

  1. WrestleMania 21: at this event, the inaugural Money in the Bank ladder match took place featuring Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit and Kane. This match set the initial standard, with Edge being the winner and going onto win his first WWE Championship 10 months later at New Years Revolution 2006.
  2. Paige: on her debut on April 7. 2014 on Monday Night RAW, she captured her first WWE Divas Championship from AJ Lee at the age of 21 before later losing the championship back to her a few months later. She has since become one of the most prominent Divas on the WWE roster.
  3. August 26. 1966: One of wrestling’s most powerful couples, Vince and Linda McMahon were married on this day just after Vince had turned 21 years old. Still together nearly 50 years later, they have since had two children and six grandchildren.
  4. February 21. 1980: after acquiring the World Wide Wrestling Federation, renaming the World Wrestling Federation in 1979, Vince McMahon later went onto form Titan Sports Inc and these two business entities were incorporated together on this date, and would eventually end up known as the World Wrestling Entertainment.
  5. Rob Van Dam: in total throughout his career, he has won a total of 21 Championships with various promotions, and remains the only competitor to hold the WWE, ECW and TNA World Championships, notably holding the WWE and ECW simultaneously.
  6. October 21. 2009: following his retirement from active competition 18 months earlier at WrestleMania 24, this date marked the date Ric Flair returned to the ring on the “Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin” tour, losing to his long-time nemesis Hulk Hogan.
  7. May 21. 2001: during the main event of RAW whilst teaming with Stone Cold Steve Austin against Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Triple H suffered a devastating career-threatening injury when he tore his quadriceps. Nevertheless, he completed the match and made a full recovery, returning eight months later.
  8. April 21. 2002: this day marked Backlash 2002, the first pay-per-view event since the inaugural WWE Draft Lottery took place featuring from both the RAW and SmackDown! brands, headlined by Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeating Triple H for the WWE Undisputed Championship.
  9. August 21. 2006: on this day, Mick Foley was kayfabe fired by Vince McMahon after joining the “Kiss My Ass” club after he’d threatened to fire WWE Diva Melina. He would of course return seven months later, tricking McMahon into getting his job back.
  10. Chris Von Erich: the youngest son of Fritz, and youngest of all his brothers, Chris had always wanted to be a wrestler but suffered numerous health setbacks which prohibited him in the ring. He sadly died in 1991 aged 21, after committing suicide due to frustration and depression caused by his brothers deaths.

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