Random Wrestling Facts Christmas Countdown: December 3. 2015

We’re now on the countdown to Christmas 2015, and to take the sight off the doom and gloom in the buildup to this time of the year we shall be counting down the 23 Days till Christmas by bringing you a random wrestling fact on each day, with something related to the specific number of days left till Christmas. Yesterday, amongst other things we bought you the 24 Inch Pythons of Hulk Hogan, and now here we go with Number 23…

Random Fact Number 23: May 23. 1999

On this date, arguably the most memorable WWE event of all time aired but for the wrong reasons, as it would be the night a tragic accident claimed the life of Owen Hart whilst making his entrance to the arena. The cause of death was attributed to internal bleeding causing by blunt face trauma. Owen, is rightfully regarded as one of the most gifted in-ring workers in WWE history and highly respected amongst colleagues and fans alike. The following nights episode of RAW was dedicated to his memory, and his loss is still felt over 16 years later. WWE recently released a DVD disc set detailing his career, “Owen: Hart of Gold” and he truly deserves a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Other Number 23 Random Facts

  1. WrestleMania 23: this is the last WrestleMania event that Chris Benoit competed at, when he successfully defended the WWE United States Championship against MVP in a winning effort. He died a couple of months later, in exceptionally controversial circumstances.
  2. July 23. 1995: In Your House 2 – The Lumberjacks took place, with Jeff Jarrett performing his rendition of “With My Baby Tonight” before later losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Shawn Michaels before leaving the WWE for seven months to compete in the USWA.
  3. September 23. 1996: this date was Sting’s last match before Starrcade 1997 nearly 15 months later, and the mark of the transition into the Crow gimmick. Coincidentally, this was to date his last tour of Japan, where he teamed with Lex Luger to defeat Arn Anderson and Steven Regal.
  4. November 23: this date has held four different Survivor Series events, 1989, 1994, 2008 and 2014, two of which featured World Heavyweight Championship changes (1994, 2008) and the debut of WCW Icon Sting in 2014.
  5. Paige: WWE Diva is currently 23 years old, and one of the most prominent Divas on the roster with her ongoing feud with WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte. Since her debut in 2014, she is a 3-time Diva’s Champion and remains the youngest Diva’s Champion of all time.
  6. SummerSlam 2010: the twenty-third annual edition of this event marked the first SummerSlam in-ring appearance of Bret Hart since 1997 when he teamed with John Cena and five other members of Team WWE to take on Team Nexus. Whilst he was eliminated early, Team WWE were ultimately victorious.
  7. March 23. 2001: on this day, Vince McMahon acquired his long-time rival WCW and its affiliated assets for approximately $5 million before three days later appearing simultaneously on WCW Monday Nitro and WWE RAW proclaiming his victory.
  8. June 23. 2008: after the flop that was McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania in an effort to boost ratings, this was the final time a segment from this aired after the stage collapsed and fell on top of Vince McMahon, putting him in a “critical” condition and remaining off television for the remainder of 2008.
  9. July 23. 2012: on this day, the 1000th Episode of Monday Night RAW aired on USA Network after much fanfare and buildup, featuring various stars from the past and present before the main event with John Cena cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against CM Punk. He was however unsuccessful, winning via DQ.
  10. October 23. 2000: on this day, former 2-time WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Rodney Anao’i, better known as Yokozuna passed away from a pulmonary edema in Liverpool, England. He had being released by the WWE in 1998 after failing a mandatory medical for the New York Athletic State Commission.

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