WWE News: 5 Things to Take Away from Survivor Series 2015

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Survivor Series 2015 Talking Points

As we seen last night with our live updates, last nights edition of Survivor Series has generated a very lukewarm reaction from the wrestling community, it was for this editor a very poorly executed show but ultimately felt exceptionally rushed in places, with some of the matches desperately needing a little bit more time. But nevertheless, here are 5 things which we can take away from Survivor Series 2015:

#5: Diva’s Championship match

The championship match between Paige and Charlotte was arguably one of the best women’s matches we have seen in years, they were given the time and backstory to build something exceptionally credible (if not a little controversial) and tell the audience a story throughout the match. Both women were given the chance to shine in this match, but in some ways it allowed us to see a vicious side to Charlotte which is nice because it adds another dimension to her character and allows the audience to potentially invest in her more. I’d really like to see part 2 between these two women, it seems a logical step for me but we’ll have to wait and see.

#4: Time is of the Essence

The general feeling I got through the show is that some of the matches really needed more time, desperately needed more time to allow the audience to become en-grained in the story being told in the ring. The semi-final matches and the final were unnecessarily short, they all needed at least another 5-10 minutes but none more so than the main event, which was offensively short, this needed double time because Reigns and Ambrose could have told an amazing story with the right opportunity even if it was slightly predictable. They should have cut preferably the second elimination match, because it was pretty pointless and allowed this time to be focused on the other matches.

#3: Planning is of the Essence

Whilst Seth Rollins injury couldn’t have being predicted, there was just a general consensus throughout the show that everything was cobbled together at the last moment to get some form of show together. Only two matches had a decent backstory whereas the rest people were left to assume or it was thrown on the card at the last minute to plug the gaps. Back in 2000, yes the matches weren’t great but the backstory for each match was there and everyone was relevant to the story whereas this isn’t the case today…some stars are invested in whereas others aren’t and WWE hope we’ll care on a whim. Build you stars, give them something credible and allow them the opportunity to shine!

#2: Bray Wyatt’s Downfall

We all knew that Kane and The Undertaker would win at Survivor Series, but the outright burial of the Wyatt Family makes you wonder who else the WWE want Bray to lose to on PPV. When he arrived, he was the thing at the time but he has lost pretty much every PPV match this year and now is seemingly a glorified jobber to the stars. Bray really needs to reestablish his credibility and look like an unstoppable force within the WWE again because his image is tainted and people will soon be at the point he won’t be taken seriously on PPV again. He needs some big wins, he really does.

#1: The time is now Sheamus

In a shock turn at the end of Survivor Series, Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on newly crowned champion Roman Reigns to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd had being exceptionally quiet throughout the entire show, but they erupted for this moment because it was superbly executed and makes you wish they had paid that much attention to the remainder of the show. Going forward, the focus has being completely re-focused from Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to some extent, to Sheamus who is likely the new face of The Authority going forward.

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