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On Monday 18th November 2015 episode of Monday Night RAW, this proved to be a significant but exceptionally controversial moment in the WWE. Firstly, this should have being memorable for being the Go-Home edition before Survivor Series 2015 with all efforts going to generate attention for the show and bring in viewers to entice them to watch it. But sadly, this episode of RAW may have achieved this for completely the wrong reasons. During the contract signing for the Diva’s Championship match, Charlotte made some poignant comments about her deceased younger brother, Reid but this was commandeered by highly controversial and inappropriate comments by her challenger, Paige. Out of respect for Ric Flair and his family, I shall not be repeating these comments here.

In a recent article with Inquisitr.com, the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair has come forward outlying that he was neither informed or contacted thereafter in regards to the angle but refused to make any further comments potentially fearing for his daughter current position within the WWE whereas his ex-wife, Elizabeth Fliehr (mother of Charlotte and Reid) has come forward saying the angle was wholly disrespectful and the WWE writers were in actual fact lazy. The comment itself, has indeed generated a lot of controversy within the wrestling world, is this an example where the WWE have blurred the lines between fact and fiction a bit to close to home.

Whilst I respect the need to generate a lot of heat towards Paige, I personally feel that this went a little bit to far for comfort and broached upon an exceptionally sensitive subject, especially for the Fliehr family. I find it in exceptional distaste that the WWE writers resorted to such extreme measures to generate heat, and didn’t think of fresh or relevant ideas to generate heat in another way without causing such offence and controversy. What would Vince had thought has it being about one of his children, would he have allowed such an angle to take place, only Vince knows the answer to that. Paige didn’t need to resort to such a measure to generate heat, she is perfectly capable of attracting enough heat with her boisterous attitude and WWE certainly didn’t need to do that, attempt to almost profit from another’s misfortune!

Do you agree with the promo by Paige on RAW, did the WWE go to far or not…we’d love to know what you thought about it!

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