OSR: WWE Survivor Series 2007 Review

Our next episode of Old School Review takes us to Miami, Florida. The city hosts the 2007 Survivor Series, an event that scarily was 8 years ago! An event headlines by a Hell In A Cell match that will end the rivalry between the Undertaker and Batista. We also see Shawn Michael’s take on Randy Orton for the WWE title. Whilst HHH takes on team Umaga in a Survivor Series match.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship – CM Punk (C) vs The Miz vs John Morison

We are treated to an explosive triple threat match to kick off the show. It is very clear that ECW at this point was to highlight upcoming stars, with The Miz and John Morrison getting no reaction on their entrance. With The Miz and Morrison forced to tag together on Smackdown, they are the new Tag champions. The unlikely duo team up successfully to isolate CM Punk throughout the match. Though, this often back fired on the tag champions. Overall a very competitive, explosive and fast match up with CM Punk hitting the GTS on The Miz to retain his ECW title.

Match Rating 4 out of 5 – A very good opener, which captured the fans with the in ring action.

10 Diva Tag Match – Beth Phoenix, Lalya, Victoria, Jillian Hall and Melina vs Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Torrie Wilson, Maria and Mickie James

I was trying to remember if I had watched this event before, however Melina’s huge botch reminded me I had. Melina completely missed the ring during her eye-opening ring ropes splits. With so many Diva’s in this match, it really highlighted the difference in ability between the wrestlers. Only a handful could wrestle then, Beth, Victoria, Melina and Mickie James. The match served its purpose well, Mickie James locked lips with Jillian Hall before hitting her in the back of a head with a kick to win.

Match Rating 1 out of 5 – It served its purpose

World Tag Team Championship – Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (C)

I will be honest, if I had to name any multi time tag champions Cade and Murdoch wouldn’t be there! Barely remember them teaming. I remember enjoying Cody’s initial run, with Hardcore Holly mentoring him. This was a decent match, Trevor Murdoch delivered an incredible finisher.

Match Rating 2.5 out of 5 – Nothing special, more carrying on the story and build between Rhodes and Holly.

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