WWE List: 10 Greatest Survivor Series Moments – Part 2


The 29th Survivor Series is this Sunday, over the years the event has produced countless number of memorable moments. We already looked at moments 10 through to 6, today we look at moments 5 through to 1. Let us know if there are any eventual moments we may have missed out.

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5. Stone Cold Steve Austin Gets Run Over – 1999

Steve Austin by far had the most amount of drawing power in such a short time, that rise almost never happened. At Summerslam 1997, Austin was dropped onto his neck by Own Hart, breaking his neck. After two years of hard intense working Austin needed time off. What better way to write off your top superstar in a hit and run incident. Moments before the highly anticipated triple threat between Triple H, Austin and The Rock, a limousine ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin. After 10 months away the infamous who ran over Austin storyline allowed a “new” superstar in the name of Rikishi to be named the man who ran over Austin. A clever moment to write off a superstar that had immediate momentum when he came back. The plot thickened when it was revealed Triple H was behind it all along. Austin got revenge the following year by dropping Triple H from a forklift whilst inside a car. Funnily enough a hit and run took 10 months for Austin to heel, whilst Triple H took less than a week off. Interestingly this is the only memorable moment from the 1999 event.

4. The Alliance vs Team WWF – 2001

It is easy to look back on the WCW invasion and point out huge flaws in the storyline and lost potential, the WWF did the best job they could, given the situation they were in. No huge established names other than Booker T and DDP came across, which the latter was buried within seconds of arriving. You can understand why the locker room wouldn’t want the move over to the WCW guys, so in essence it was doomed from the start. However the Invasion PPV drew 770,000 PPV buys, only Wrestlemania events drew more buys. A traditional Survivor Series match was set as the deciding match, Team WWF (The Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho & Big Show) vs Team WCW/ECW (Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Booker T & Shane McMahon). With the existence of both companies in the balance, tensions were high. The Big Show was the first eliminate by Shane McMahon, who was quickly eliminated by Jericho. The Brothers of Destruction allowed Team Alliance to take the 4-2 advantage, leaving just Chris Jericho and The Rock to fend for the WWF’s honour. Both Booker T and RVD were eliminated to even the playing field, before Team WWF took the advantage eliminating Kurt Angle.  Austin managed to eliminate Chris Jericho, leaving both Austin and The Rock, two of the biggest icons in the business to battle it out. With Austin getting the advantage, Kurt Angle looked like he was about to cost the WWF their existence, only to hit Austin with the title belt. After a thunderous Rock Bottom, The Rock saved WWF ending the war. The story couldn’t have been told any better, a rollercoaster ride over 44 minutes was brilliant, a fitting end to the invasion storyline.

3. Shield Debut 2012 

I marked out when I saw Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns appear on-screen at the end of the triple threat WWE Championship match, taking out both Ryback and John Cena, allowing CM Punk to walk out again as champion. If you want to make an impact with the next generation of stars, this was the perfect moment. All three members of the Shield became main players straight away, delivering a run of incredible matches. When we look back on this decade this night is the turning point for this generation.

2. The Original Elimination Chamber – 2002

The unknown is a brilliant journey, Survivor Series 2002 delivered. No-one knew what to expect from Eric Bischoff’s infamous creation that pitted 6 men in an elimination match that could only really be described as Hell In A Cell meets the War Games. Triple H defended his World Heavyweight title against, Booker T, Kane, Chris Jericho, RVD and Shawn Michaels inside Madison Square Gardens. The match delivered everything Eric promised, a cracking match which pulled every emotion from the fans when Shawn Michaels pinned Triple H to win the World Heavyweight title. It was the perfect way to end a pretty faultless PPV.

1. The Montreal Screwjob – 1997

Name one moment from Survivor Series, Montreal Screwjob is a likely winner. 1997 saw one of the most pivotal moments in the resurgence of the WWF’s fight against WCW. With then WWF Champion Bret Hart leaving the company for WCW, Vince McMahon was stuck in a stalemate situation involving who Bret wanted to drop the title to. With Michaels pulling an injury to forfeit the WWF title earlier in the year to prevent returning the favour for the Wrestlemania rub, losing to Michaels in Montreal was not part of Bret’s plan. A double countout finish was agreed, that as we all now didn’t happen.

With Shawn Michaels locking Hart’s Sharpshooter, Vince called for Earl Hebner to call the bell, signalling that Michaels was now the champion. An irate Bret knew exactly what happened, spitting in Vince’s face then destroying ringside. After the match, Bret punched Vince, it took nearly 14 years for Bret to bury the hatchet with both Vince and Michaels for the incident. Bret felt betrayed, however from a business perspective Vince had no choice.

As a result an evil Mr McMahon was born, a character that would feud with Steve Austin and bring the WWF into an era of record-breaking television ratings. Without this infamous moment would Vince have gotten the pure hatred for those words “Bret screwed Bret”.

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