WWE News: Latest Odds For Who Will Walk Out Survivor Series As Champion

In just over a week, by the end of Survivor Series we will find out who will take over Seth Rollins place as WWE Champion. Last Monday on Raw we saw the start of a title tournament, which continues tomorrow on Raw. 16 men started and 8 men remain. By the end of Raw we will see just 4 men survive. Who is most likely to win? The bookmakers can give us a good indication!

Irish bookmakers Paddypower.com have released odds for what they believe (based upon insider information), who will walk out of Survivor Series as Champion. By the end of tomorrow, these odds will no doubt change as 4 men will exit the tournament. Looking at it, Roman Reigns is favourite by a mile, with Dean Ambrose a close second. The odds as of 15:00GMT 15/11/15 are below, latest odds are found via PaddyPower.com

WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Roman Reigns 4/11 – (1.36)
Dean Ambrose 7/4 – (2.75)
Kevin Owens 6/1 – (7.0)
Alberto Del Rio 9/1 – (10.0)
Cesaro 12/1 (13.0)
Dolph Ziggler 14/1 (15.0)
Kalisto 16/1 (17.0)
Neville 16/1 (17.0)

Initially, with the brackets, the title tournament seemed obvious. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will end up in the finals; can we see another upset? Kalisto managed to upset Ryback on Smackdown. Below are the odds for which pairing will face off in the final. We can’t be surprised that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are favourites. As explained before, WWE should avoid using this match as the main event. Yes it will be brilliant, but please save it for another day! Build it up properly rather than give it away!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Alberto Del Rio & Dean Ambrose 14/1 (15.00 )
Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler 50/1 (51.00 )
Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens 40/1 (41.00 )
Alberto Del Rio & Neville 50/1 (51.00 )
Cesaro & Dean Ambrose 18/1 (19.00 )
Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler 66/1 ( 67.00)
Cesaro & Kevin Owens 33/1 (34.00 )
Cesaro & Neville 66/1 (67.00)
Kalisto & Dean Ambrose 66/1 (67.00)
Kalisto & Dolph Ziggler 66/1 (67.00)
Kalisto & Kevin Owens 66/1(67.00)
Kalisto & Neville 66/1 (67.00 )
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose 3/10 (1.30 )
Roman Reigns & Dolph Ziggler 14/1 (15.00 )
Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens 10/3 (4.33 )
Roman Reigns & Neville 33/1 (34.00)

Do you agree? Who will walk out as champion? Could Sheamus be a factor?

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