Wrestlemania 32: Focusing On Past Talent, Ruins The Future

Whether this is true or not based on speculation from wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer, WWE are wanting to bring back former WWE World champion Dave Batista for another run with the company in time for Wrestlemania 32. This begs the question, if the reliance of past stars like The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker and Batista doing more harm than good right now? Are WWE simply rehashing WCW’s booking mistakes?

WWE should be worried, ratings are down; last weeks episode of Raw from Manchester saw the lowest non-holiday rating in Raw history. Rather than focusing on the real problems, WWE believe quick reaction and reliance on established stars will help boost ratings. This tactic is dangerous, old stars will help give older fans a chance to retune back in; but if they are only their for these wrestlers then why should they care about the future rather than today.

Bringing back older stars is best for business; when the moment is right and used for the purpose of giving a rub. Whilst it flopped, Ric Flair aiding The Miz made sense. It helped Miz slightly so the intent was there. Mick Foley is a great example of helping younger talent get over; Randy Orton and Edge being prime examples.

When I heard Batista was returning in 2014 only to be placed in the main event of Wrestlemania 30, that sucked. However Batista took clean losses over The Shield and Daniel Bryan and full respect for him to do that. Dave Metlzers rumour is that Batista is going to work with Triple H. What benefit does that have? It adds no value other than selling a few extra seats.

Have Batista feud with someone upcoming like Reigns (even though that isn’t new). Alternatively he could face Brock Lesnar, this will give Brock the star he needs to face and a good background to build from. The biggest gripe is that part-timers fill a Wrestlemania spot; something that full timers work hard all year round and deserve, only to be shoved into a battle royal or multi person tag match. This philosophy by WWE over the last 5 years has forced several stars to leave the company; when their hard work goes un-rewarded.

Not all part timers are bad, in my eyes, this is Undertakers swansong run. He will retire at Wrestlemania 32, hence the return to in ring action. The feud with Bray Wyatt is helping Bray in a positive way, the fact Undertaker chose Bray to fight at WrestleMania this year is testament to Bray himself and he will reap the benefits for years to come.

The real issue is that WWE simply don’t focus hard enough on the mid-card. When they do, the superstar in question that is being pushed simply fizzles out with no reason, leaving WWE back at square one. How are the fans going to take wrestlers seriously when WWE treat certain superstars like a joke.

Wrestlers get over through time and over strong sensible build. Whilst he looks like a joke now, The Miz’s rise was carefully planned over the course of 2 years. Miz was taken seriously, placed in good feuds with wrestlers that could make him look good. When he won the title, he deserved it, how that run ended especially with Wrestlemania 27, WWE ruined all momentum with The Miz. .

Having Batista back isn’t a bad thing, how when where he is used is. WWE have done really well in helping build new stars; The Shield and Bray being prime examples. Seth Rollins has really taken to the role of top heel brilliantly as WWE Champion, whilst Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have fitted in nicely in the upper mid card ready to burst to the main event.

WWE are in a state of panic,ratings are extremely low, several key stars are missing from action. The next few weeks and month will dictate the direction WWE are heading in. It is easy to bring back John Cena, Batista or other established songs, but giving Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose is really the sensible move. This will give WWE leverage in the future; there are only so many times Cena can be relied on. Wrestlemania 32 based on rumours could be a “stacked” card, not because of current stars but due to old school stars. John Cena vs Undertaker, Batista vs Triple H, The Rock being involved some how too. Having another Wrestlemania, where the focus on the old only destroys and credibility of any future WWE stars.

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