OSR: WWE Survivor Series 1999 Review

Match 7: Intercontinental Championship: Chyna (c) w/Miss Kitty vs Chris Jericho

Whilst watching this match its easy to see that Chyna and Jericho had such good chemistry! Chyna can also hold her own against the guys. Amazing back and forth match that had everything Jericho cheating, Miss Kitty cheating, kick outs of finishers and getting out of the walls of Jericho, and a great finish when Chyna hits the pedigree off the top rope! Amazing! Match of the card by a long shot. Btw Miss Kitty wow!!!! 4.5 out of 5.0 this matched showed why Chyna deserved her run as the Intercontinental Champion, she was strong athletic, gave and received moves so well, and was actually quiet technically sound.

Match 8: Traditional Survivor Series Match: Edge, Christian and The Hardyz vs The Hollys and Too Cool

Another example on how strong the tag division was during the Attitude Era, with some awesome high-flying spots to kick off the match. Edge and Matt are quickly eliminated after a mass brawl, with bodies flying around everywhere. It comes down to Christian versus The Holly’s and Grandmaster Sexay. It is strange to see how Christian is being focused on instead of Edge at this point. Anyway, Grandmaster is then eliminated via the Reverse DDT, leaving him to face The Holly’s. A roll up eliminates Crash. Both guys reverse finishers, before Hardcore Holly reverses a Hurracanrana into a pin for the victory. 4.0 out of 5.0 very enjoyable match, had the high-flying a good story and a great ending.

Update from Shane o Mac who announces that Stone Cold is out of the main event but there will be a Triple Threat for the title.

Match 9: Tag Team Titles New Age Outlaws (c) vs Al Snow and Mankind

The connection the New Age Outlaws had with the fans back then was electric and even Al Snow kept getting ‘we want head’ chants. Good match, slow in places but most matches back then had working holds. The crowd erupted when the hot tag happened, all four men brawl, Snow Plow followed up by Socko! Even a shot from head can’t keep the champions down, a double spike piledriver from the Outlaws pick up the victory. 3.5 out of 5.0 another good match, very enjoyable and some great spots, Al Snow was actually very technically gifted as a wrestler and fully deserves his job as a trainer. 

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