WWE Predictions: WWE Title Tournament – Who Will Win

Semi Finals

Fan’s want to see Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns. It makes to have this as the final. WWE should tease this match to happen, however don’t let it happen. It is a marketing dream, don’t give it away in a tournament match. Build it for a standalone PPV. Once it’s happened, it loses the appeal. However the sensible move is for these two to face off, as much as I don’t want it to happen.

Looking at it logically, WWE like to have face vs heel, but looking at the brackets, who can provide a strong enough challenge to make the main event work. WWE are also very unlikely to have an exisiting champion win the WWE World title, considering Seth Rollins did this a few months back. In which case, Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio shouldn’t win. If Owen’s were to beat Ambrose and face Reigns in the final can we see Owens win the title. Would it mean more for Reigns to beat Ambrose of Owens? Surely Ambrose. On the other side, if Ambrose advances along with Del Rio, it is obvious Ambrose should win. With this set up, the only realistic option is for Roman Reigns to face Dean Ambrose in the finals.

  • Roman Reigns def. Alberto Del Rio
  • Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens


It does seem like destiny that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will face off in the finals. I don’t agree this should happen so soon, WWE should have hold it off, but it makes perfect sense. The Shield dominating the WWE title picture. If it is a straight up fight with no interference or something happening, then Roman Reign’s will win. Ambrose can only win, if something happens. Whether that that the Authority getting in involved or a nice heel turn.

My prediction Roman Reigns will become new WWE Champion.

WWE are now absent of a strong heel, Rollins fit that bill perfectly. The next two guys are Del Rio and Owens; neither of which are strong enough to be champion at this moment. My initial thoughts is that WWE shot themselves in the foot, some of the quarter final matches would have made more sense in the semi’s For example Cesaro or Dolph Ziggler could have added an extra dimension to this semi final for those must see matches. For that basis, I am hoping that the quarter finals are on the show exclusively at the Survivor Series. This level of the tournament is where things can change. If it just the semi’s the element of surprise is lost.

Which ever decision WWE makes, it is up to the stars to step up and prove their worth. I do believe Cesaro should be considered, he really delivered last night on Raw against Sheamus, as he does week in and out. Give the guy a chance. Just saying

Do you agree? Who do you think will win the tournament? Let us know here

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