WWE Predictions: WWE Title Tournament – Who Will Win

The unthinkable happened last week at a house show in Dublin, Ireland. WWE champion, the saviour and the face of the company Seth Rollins tore his ACL, MCL and Medius in a match with Kane. Despite fighting on, Seth’s injury is serious resulting in 6 to 9 months out of WWE. As a result, a tournament was announced starting at Raw in Manchester to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the Survivor Series.

Last night on Raw, we saw the beginnings of this tournament. Our writer Kev gave his predictions of how he thought the tournament might go down straight after the announcement was made. My initial thoughts watching it live, was that it is too predictable. Other than Cesaro vs Sheamus, all the first round matches were pretty much throw away’s with very little meaning or possibility of any shock value. Knowing what we know from last night, how do I think the tournament will go down?

First Round

We know 5 of the first 8 matches in the tournament from last night, admittedly, other than Cesaro vs Sheamus and possibly Neville and Barrett, it is fairly obvious which direction WWE are going for. If WWE wanted to have a shock, it would have been in the Ambrose and Breeze match, considering it was Breeze first match on Raw. We know, Reigns, Cesaro, Owens, Ziggler and Ambrose will advance. On tonight’s taping of Smackdown, we will see the final three matches take place. With the lack of heels in the tournament, I can see Barrett beat Neville, whereas Ryback and Alberto Del Rio will also win.

  • Roman Reigns def. Big Show (Confirmed)
  • Cesaro def. Sheamus (Confirmed)
  • Del Rio def. Stardust
  • Ryback def Kalisto
  • Kevin Owens def. Titus (Confirmed)
  • Barrett def. Neville
  • Ziggler def. The Miz (Confirmed)
  • Ambrose def. Breeze (Confirmed)

Quarter Finals

This is where it all begins to get interesting, the obvious route to the final is Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns. As much as I would like to see this, I feel WWE are wasting a true PPV main event by doing this and need to avoid this at all costs. With Roman Reigns already being number one contender, he must go to the final, it only makes sense, unless he loses via an interference somehow. Cesaro vs Reigns will be brilliant. I loved Cesaro’s match with Sheamus on Raw. As much as I would love to see Cesaro go through, it isn’t going to happen.

With Alberto Del Rio’s return, it only makes sense for him to beat Ryback, he would be a credible person to face off against Roman Reigns, so he should advance too. On the other side, Kevin Owens will beat Barrett. Now this is another tough call, who will advance between Reigns and Ambrose? In the eyes of the fans either men should become champion. Placing these two off against each other will like Reigns and Cesaro will produce a cracking match. I do feel that WWE will want to tease Ambrose and Reigns even if they don’t go ahead with it. Ambrose will beat Ziggler.

  • Roman Reigns def. Cesaro
  • Alberto Del Rio def. Ryback
  • Kevin Owens def. Barrett
  • Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler
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