WWE Raw Spoilers: Exclusive Live Coverage From Manchester England

Tonight’s episode of  Monday Night RAW will come from Manchester, England which due to the time difference coverage will start at 8pm GMT. Myself and Dave are live from the MEN arena, enjoying the show providing you with regular updates. Keep updating throughout the night to find out what happens on WWE RAW before it airs in the United States.

The Manchester Evening News Area fills up, there are a few empty seats right by where the camera’s are, other than that, it appears sold out. As we get ready for RAW to start, the vacant WWE championship is sitting ringside.

RAW kicks off with Triple H coming to the ring, singing the praises of the former WWE Champion Seth Rollins, officially stripping him of the title. HHH then introduces the number one contender Roman Reigns to the ring. Roman walks right past us. BTW Reigns is stupidly oily…. HHH tries to lure Roman Reign to take the easy way to the top, join him in The Authority but Reigns declines the offer. HHH announces that Reigns will face the Big Show in a first round match next.

Put it this way, the crowd hated the match, with the crowd chanting along the lines boring and obesity…well it’s true but the Mexican wave is more entertaining…Reigns wins following a spear to advance.

The brackets for the tournament are shown on screen. Sadly it is fairly obvious who will win each match making tonight’s matches a little pointless. I hope WWE pull out some shock wins but really can’t see it happen.

Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney is introduced to the fans in Manchester receiving the only welcome deserving for him… disappointment!

Match 2 in the tournament is Kevin Owens vs Titus O’Neil. Kevin Owen’s delivers a cracking promo, saying the UK crowd is the best and worst in the world, calling us puppets. Owens wins with the Pop Up Powerbomb.  It is nice to see Titus involved in the tournament, however it is obvious who would have advanced

Paige then proclaims that she will take out Becky Lynch making Charlotte all by herself at Survivor Series. Becky picks up the victory following a roll up. Paige attacks Lynch after the match until Charlotte makes the save.

Match 3 of the WWE Title tournament see’s The Miz face off against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler picks up the quick win over The Miz to advance.

Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio hit the ring. Zeb hit a rather hilarious promo on no one wanting to be part of England. Del Rio will compete on SmackDown! in the WWE Title tournament.

Natalya faces Naomi next. The entire crowd want Sasha Banks to be competing. Natalya picks up the win.

I am loving the Bray Wyatt promos highlighting the history of Undertaker and Kane. Several WWE Network moments to recap on.

Sheamus vs Cesaro is next.
What a match, Cesaro and Sheamus click so well. Well worth a watch. Wayne Rooney knocks Wade Barrett to allow for the distraction allowing Cesaro to advance.

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze up next.
Tyler makes his RAW debut; if WWE want a shock, this is the logical place for it to happen. Hilariously Tylers selfie stick stops working. Dean Ambrose advances.

Wooooooo Ric Flair is in Manchester woooo. He was on hyping duty for SmackDown! tomorrow. Still awesome to see Flair. Woooooo.

Don’t be sour!!!! The New Day is here!!! They actually recieve the ovation of the night. Delivering a hilarious promo! 6 man tag action is up next. New Day vs Neville and the Usos. New Day steal the victory following a distraction of the referee, allowing Kofi to get involved.

Bray Wyatt paying his respects to Undertaker and Kane is up next. Now is the time to reveal Sting as a partner…bit of wishful thinking as Sting didnt appear but another duo did!!!! Damm!!!

I am speechless that was truly awesome. You need to watch the final segment of RAW – A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

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