OSR: WWE Survivor Series 2000 Review


For my next old school review, I am actually genuinely excited and looking forward to bringing this one to you because I remember this PPV quite well and haven’t watched it in a while. I have to say watching the Network on my XBOX 360 is really refreshing and I am really enjoying it even more. So, for my next old school review I shall be bringing you Survivor Series 2000…

The event opens with a really good video package depicting the rivalry between Triple H and Stone Cold, which was at it’s most intense at this time but notably, and strangely this is the only feud depicted in the opening package. Anyhow, the action is called by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross who make reference to the events of 1997 but it is notable that Lawler was still good on the commentary at this point. Anyhow, we are now off to our first match…

Trish Stratus and T&A: Test and Albert vs. Molly Holly, Crash Holly and Steve Blackman

This match comes across instantly as filler material, but nonetheless it starts off quite well with very back and forth action, depicting the gender in-balance which an inter gender matches can bring but it is noticeable how green Trish is in the ring at this point but can still hold her own against the more than capable Molly. Anyhow, the match is over very quickly after Molly pins Trish with a sunset flip in an enjoyable opening match.

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

We go backstage now, were we have Edge and Christian talking away before they are joined by an overly confident Kurt Angle, saying how he owns The Undertaker and won’t be requiring their help…right, great little segment though. Next, we go to the security desk in the Ice Palace with Lo Down and Tiger Ali Singh who are being refused entry to the building in an ever so slightly racist segment.

Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination Match – Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Chyna and Billy Gunn vs. The Radicalz: Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn

Again, this is another match which has being put out with little or no build-up, the only history as such I can recollect from this match is from Eddie and Chyna’s romance but there seems little reference to that. Anyhow, the match itself should be quite good as I rate the majority of the competitors (bar one or two) quite highly. The match begins off quickly, with the first elimination occurring quite quickly when Saturn eliminates Chyna. The action is really fast paced and intense, but really enjoyable throughout and depicts a really great style of wrestling. The survivors are Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn, after Gunn attempts a suplex on Benoit which is countered and his foot is held down by Saturn to allow Benoit to pick up the win in a really enjoyable match.

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We now go backstage to Lilian Garcia, who is awaiting the arrival of The Rock who blanks her on his arrival…we then go to Jericho hyping his match with Kane which started over coffee…ah, simple things.

Kane vs. Chris Jericho

There are a few short clips which are shown just before this match depicting the history between the two men which could be seen in some ways as a last minute feud but one that they really made their own. Anyhow, we are now in a time when the character of Kane was good and refreshing but this should be a really good match and contrast of size and styles between both men. Honestly, a really great match and effort from both men – this is a very good example of ring psychology and being given the right tools with your character. Kane wins this really enjoyable match after a really fierce chokeslam to pick up the pinfall victory.

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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