WWE Opinion: Welcome To The Era of Roman Reigns

It is easy to hate him, whether you like him or not; Roman Reigns has shot to the main event of Survivor Series to face his former Shield brethren Seth Rollins for the WWE championship and is easily he right person for the job. This comes after a strong performance against Bray Wyatt inside Hell In A Cell and two great matches on Raw. Roman Reigns splits the audience in a similar way that John Cena does. Some love him, whilst the “internet” fans hate him. Lets face it Reigns has improved so much since last year and it is time to silence the critics and enjoy Reigns.

Roman Reigns debuted in WWE three years ago, at the event he will challenge Rollins for the title. Alongside indie favourites, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, the trio known as the Shield took WWE by storm. It is easy to assume and believe that The Shield carried Reigns and that he doesn’t deserve his spot. I can not disagree more, just like every other faction in professional wrestling, ever member has a place and a role to play. Look at the D-Generation X or the Nation Of Domination. The Rock and HHH had roles which protected their weaknesses, allowing them to grow as performers.

Whilst Reigns started very green, Seth and Dean hide his weaknesses whilst he worked on his in ring and charisma. Reign’s obvious strength was his power. He was the groups muscle; he execute the Triple Powerbombs and mainly took the pinfalls due his lightening quick powerful reactions.

Since The Shield split, Roman has grown strength to strength, putting on some awesome battles with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and recently Bray Wyatt. It is also hard to deny he rarely delivers a bad match. Out of the trio he is the least experienced, only taking up professional wrestling in 2010 and without question, he is determined and hungry to succeed. Something we all can admire.

One major criticism when the desire to push Roman Reigns into the main event of Wrestlemania 31 was the he couldn’t talk. Whilst at the time is a very fair comment he has come on leaps and bounds, particularly being given more freedom with his promos rather than those awkward scripted promos.

In ring he has a great set of moves for a face worker. He hasn’t got a million moves, but he doesn’t need it. Typically the majority of faces spend most of their career getting beaten on by the heels, waiting for their big comeback. His spear is fantastic to watch, up there with Goldberg and Edge’s. Whilst his Superman punch rivals Orton’s extremely flexible RKO, he can deliver it outta-no-where. On Raw the crowd erupted as we saw Reigns reversed Owens Pop-up Powerbomb into a Superman Punch followed by his Spear; beautiful to watch.

The crowd is easily divided, John Cena is prime example and it is easy to draw similarities between Reigns and Cena. Both men get a range of boo’s upon their ring entrance. If you listen to the crowd the similarities with Cena are apparent during reigns entrance with boos and cheers, but what’s different is the fact that when Roman gets into his comeback you can’t hear a single boo? This is a good indication that fans are into his matches, I just hope people start giving him more of a chance due to his hard work. Very soon he has the ability to be a great champion one day soon.

The past Sunday and Monday night’s, Reigns showed us how flexible he can be. His match at Hell In A Cell with Bray Wyatt was a complete war, then On Raw the following night he had a very entertaining backwards and forwards match with Kofi Kingston followed up by winning a fatal four way! However look on social media and forums and people are once again people are claiming that Reigns isn’t ready, my question back to them is who would you prefer?

The WWE is an organisation and Reigns vs Rollins will outsell Rollins vs Cesaro probably 2/1. At the end of the day Survivor Series is test for Roman Reigns, to prove that he can be ready. So many great’s had title matches before actually winning the belt, this Vince’s way to see if you can deliver and how the fans can react.

I have a feeling there could be another twist on Reigns journey to the top. As predicted earlier this week I feel Ambrose may be a special guest referee and turn on Reigns setting up a feud between the two. Allowing Seth to continue as champion until the February PPV or Wrestlemania. In which case WWE could get Reigns or Ambrose to win the rumble and the other beat Seth in February with Seth’s rematch and the Royal Rumble winner all being in a Shield triple threat mania main event. Now do you believe that?

We would love to hear your opinion, is Roman Reigns ready, do you feel he has come along a long way too?

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