OSR: WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 Review

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As a regular feature on this website, myself and Lucas are giving each other wrestling pay per views to watch; and thanks to the WWE Network all of this is easy (except for when your internet router dies…), and his nomination for this week for me was the inaugural Hell in a Cell PPV in 2009. So, once again instead of bashing out the WWE Network I’ve dug into my collection and found the DVD. So here I go with the Old School Review of Hell in a Cell 2009…

The show opens with a satisfying opening package which is primarily highlighting the demonic nature of Hell in a Cell and what it means to the WWE. After this, we are introduced to the various announcing teams for the evening (ah, how I miss the brand split sometimes but that is a completely different story). But we’re now off to our opening match…

World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell – CM Punk vs The Undertaker

Personally, I cannot figure why this match has being selected for the opening contest because it doesn’t make it easy for everyone else throughout the remainder of the show. But a nice video package highlighting their feud from Breaking Point 2009 and The Undertaker’s intimidation of Theodore Long. Given the recent article about Hell in a Cell matches by Lucas, I don’t have high expectations for this match. Given how this match has started off, I’m not expecting a lot…it has being very slow and methodical which really doesn’t suit the Hell in a Cell structure. The crowd seem very divided in this match, but I have always being of the opinion that the styles of The Undertaker and CM Punk clash far to much to create a credible story telling match. The Undertaker wins the match, and championship following a Tombstone Piledriver in an exceptionally pointless Hell in a Cell, but equally lame match.

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

Intercontinental Championship – John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler

I think this match has great potential for both men to showcase their ability given what seems to have very little buildup in the weeks preceding the show. Anyhow, the match begins off strongly with a series of chain and traditional wrestling moves but in a relevant way which makes it enjoyable watching. I am thoroughly enjoying this match, as the men’s styles suit them both exceptionally well and they compliment each other well with their execution. This is the sort of match which could easily be done across a series and produce a whole host of different styles, but the key thing I notice…how John Morrison is missed in the WWE product, he really could do well. Morrison retains the IC title after nailing Ziggler with the Starship Pain…really enjoyable match and a great effort from both men.

Match Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Diva’s Championship – Mickie James vs Alicia Fox

I really like Mickie James’ character and her in-ring capability but I generally do not rate Alicia’s ability in the slightest and as such do not have any good level of expectation for this match. The match itself is pretty average but shows a great effort from James whilst Fox either no-sells or over-sells various moves from Mickie. The only saving grace in this match for me is Mickie, who I think was very underrated. Anyhow, Mickie retains the Diva’s Championship after nailing Fox with a DDT, who coincidentally oversold it a little to much. It was an okay match, pretty much standard women’s match of the time.

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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