WWE News: Foley Praises WWE Payback

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The hardcore legend Mick Foley has been rather vocal about the WWE recently in particular with the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania build up and earlier this evening, Mick Foley took again to Facebook to air his views on last nights Payback event. The only match which he spoke about was Bray Wyatts incredible match up with John Cena. As we found out last night John Cena used his imagination to deny Bray Wyatt getting up to a 10 count. Mick Foley Responded to fans who were “disappointed” with Bray Wyatt losing to John Cena.

Just finished watching #Payback and I thought it was a heck of a show – great atmosphere, a slap heard round the world, and matches that more than lived up to expectations. I received well over 1,000 comments about the show, and I know many of you are dissappointed that Bray Wyatt did not emerge victorious in his match with John Cena.Or did he?Winning is all relative in sports-entertainment, and in this wrestling fan’s eyes, Bray did indeed emerge victorious. He may not have made it to his feet by the 10 count last night, but in his promos and in his matches, Brey Wyatt has shown me that he is more than capable of standing on his own two feet at the very forefront of the new generation of WWE Superstars.

Unfortunately, there is no mathematical formula for making a star in pro-wrestling. But if I had to boil down all the ingredients of the star-making process into one word, that one word would be “feuds”. Fans remember feuds, and Wyatt’s character and promos put him in a great position to create memorable feuds with just about any of the top stars in the company. Besides, there just might be some gas left in the Wyatt/Cena tank.

Whilst it’s easy to assume John Cena didn’t do Bray Wyatt any favours by beating Bray Wyatt, you have to remember, it wasn’t a “clean” 10 count victory, it was an ingenious use of the scenario to ensure Bray Wyatt couldn’t get up for a 10 count. Bray’s performance during the match, the promos and the build showed that he had what it takes and will propel him stardom. Personally I feel that it is time for the Cena and Wyatt feud to move, perhaps return in the future, focus on Wyatt on other things will ensure his long term potential.
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