Who Are The Most “Liked” Wrestlers On Facebook

This week, John Cena reached a huge milestone, which the world now apparently bases popularity, “The Champ” reached 25 million likes on social media website Facebook.com. According to fanpagelist.com John Cena is the seventh most popular athlete in the world of Facebook. Only Christiano Ronaldo (80 million), Lionel Messi (56.5 million), David Beckam (39 million), Ricardo Kakà (27.8 million), Michael Jordan (26 million) and a certain peoples champion The Rock (32.7 million) have more like’s than John Cena.

Let’s be honest, this is quite a remarkable feat, Cena is only 7 million likes behind movie star and former wrestler and arguably one of the most popular stars in the wrestling business, The Rock. Even more impressive in terms of celebrities on Facebook this places John Cena the 65th most liked celebrity in the world. Placing John Cena in the same league of popularity as Queen (26.5 million), Bon Jovi (26.3 million), and more popular than Christina Aguilera (23.3 million) and Jay Z (20.4 million).

Regardless of your thoughts about John Cena in the ring, he is the superstar of this generation, he brings in a lot of mass appeal from outside of wrestling. He is (no pun intended) liked by alot of people, his commitment to the make a wish foundation is remarkable. The 25 million also shows a statement of where WWE is in today’s media. You can say WWE was its most popular in the late 90’s, however are more people involved today? Just because the TV ratings are down it doesn’t mean it is not as popular.

Based again on fanpagelist.com, I have compiled a list of the top 20 most liked Wrestlers on Facebook.

  1. Dwayne The Rock Johnson – 32.7 Million
  2. John Cena – 25.1 Million
  3. Rey Mysterio – 12.1 Million
  4. Undertaker – 11.3 Million
  5. Triple H – 9.3 Million
  6. Randy Orton – 8.0 Million
  7. Shawn Michaels – 6.3 Million
  8. Kane – 5.2 Million
  9. Big Show 5.1 Million
  10. Stone Cold – 5.18 Million
  11. Sin Cara – 5.1 Million
  12. CM Punk – 4.887 Million
  13. Sheamus – 4.878 Million
  14. Edge – 4.858 Million
  15. Daniel Bryan – 3.7 Million
  16. Kofi Kingston – 2.295 Million
  17. The Miz – 2.276 Million
  18. The Great Khali – 2.114 Million
  19. Mark Henry 2.107
  20. Chris Jericho – 2.078 Million*
  21. Brock Lesnar – 2.076 Million

*Chris Jericho is not included on the list by fanpagelist.com, however checking his Facebook page he has more likes than Brock Lesnar.

One thing that is noticeable is that the top 10 consist of wrestlers who have been around a long time or have retired. I personally find it funny that Sin Cara has more likes that CM Punk, this could be due to his popularity in Mexico, similar with The Great Khali. It is also interesting to note that Rey Mysterio is ranked number 137 in celebrities whilst the Undertaker is number 152. What this shows is that WWE is still very much releveant in today’s society and despite the constant plugs about Twitter, Facebook, Tout and that WWE app, WWE have done a great job and raising their profile through social media.

Image Credit: John Cena Facebook

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