WWE Results: Royal Rumble 1999

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Royal Rumble 1999

No Chance in Hell

Date: January 24 1999

Venue: Arrowhead Pond

City: Anaheim, California

Attendance: 14,816

Royal Rumble 1999 Results

  1. Christian defeated Jeff Hardy
  2. Bob Holly and Scorpio defeated Too Much: Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher
  3. Mankind defeated Mabel
  4. The Big Boss Man defeated Road Dogg
  5. Ken Shamrock (c) defeated Billy Gunn to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  6. X-Pac (c) defeated Gangrel to retain the WWE European Championship
  7. Sable (c) defeated Luna Vachon (accompanied by Shane McMahon) to retain the WWE Women’s Championship in a Strap match
  8. The Rock defeated Mankind (c) to capture the WWE Championship in an I Quit match
  9. Mr. McMahon won the 1999 Royal Rumble match, to become the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XV

Royal Rumble Stats:

Entry OrderCompetitorElimination OrderEliminator
1. Steve Austin29Mr. McMahon
2. Mr. McMahonWINNER
3. Golga1Steve Austin
4. Droz7Mabel
5. Edge8Road Dogg
6. Gillberg2Edge
7. Steve Blackman4Mabel and Tiger Ali Singh
8. Dan Severn3Mabel
9. Tiger Ali Singh5Mabel
10. The Blue Meanie6Mabel
11. Mabel9Mideon, Faarooq and Bradshaw
12. Road Dogg12Kane
13. Gangrel10Road Dogg
14. Kurrgan13Kane
15. Al Snow11Road Dogg
16. Goldust15Kane
17. The Godfather14Kane
18. Kane16Himself
19. Ken Shamrock17Steve Austin
20. Billy Gunn18Steve Austin
21. Test19Steve Austin
22. The Big Boss Man28Steve Austin
23. Triple H25Steve Austin
24. Val Venis24Triple H
25. X-Pac20The Big Boss Man
26. Mark Henry22Chyna
27. Jeff Jarrett21Triple H
28. D’Lo Brown27The Big Boss Man
29. Owen Hart26Steve Austin
30. Chyna23Steve Austin

Image Credit: Logopedia Royal Rumble Page

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