WWE Results: WrestleMania 14


WrestleMania 14

dX raided

Date: March 29 1998

Venue: FleetCenter

City: Boston, Massachusetts

Attendance: 19,028

  1. LOD 2000: Hawk and Animal (accompanied by Sunny) won the 15-Team Battle Royal to become Number 1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship
  2. Taka Michinoku (c) defeated Aguila to retain the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
  3. Triple H (c) (accompanied by Chyna) defeated Owen Hart to retain the WWE European Championship
  4. Marc Mero and Sable defeated The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna
  5. “The Rock” Rocky Maivia (c) (accompanied by Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown) defeated Ken Shamrock via DQ to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  6. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie defeated The New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg (c) to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship in a Dumpster match
  7. The Undertaker defeated Kane (accompanied by Paul Bearer)
  8. Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels (c) (accompanied by Triple H and Chyna) to capture the WWE Championship with Mike Tyson as the Special Outside Enforcer

15-Team Battle Royal Stats:

Elimination OrderWrestlerPartner/Tag TeamEliminator
1. Savio VegaLos Boricuas (with Miguel Perez Jr)Chainz
2. SniperThe Truth Commission (with Recon)Kurrgan
3. Flash FunkFlash Funk and Steve BlackmanAnimal
4. ChainzChainz and BradshawBarry Windham
5. D’Lo BrownThe Nation of Domination (with Mark Henry)8-Ball
6. Pierre OuelletThe Quebecers (with Jacques Rougeau)Mosh
7. Kama MustafaThe Nation of Domination (with Faarooq)Animal
8. Jose Estrada Jr.Los Boricuas (with Jesus Castillo Jr)Hawk
9. Ricky MortonThe Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (with Robert Gibson)Henry O. Godwinn
10. ThrasherThe Headbangers (with Mosh)Bombtastic Bob
11. Scott TaylorToo Much (with Brian Christopher)Bodacious Bart
12. 8-BallThe Disciples of Apocalypse (with Skull)Henry O. Godwinn
13. Phineas I. GodwinnThe Godwinns (with Henry O.)Skull
14. Bodacious BartThe New Midnight Express (with Bombtastic Bob)Hawk
WINNERS Hawk and AnimalLOD 2000

Image Credit: Logopedia WrestleMania Page

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