WWE Results: Survivor Series 1995

Survivor Series 1995

Teams of Federation Superstars Battle it Out! Who’s fit to survive?

| Date: November 19 1995 | Venue: USAir Arena | City: Landover, Maryland | Attendance: 14,500 |

Old School Review

Dark Match

The Smoking Gunns: Billy and Bart Gunn defeated The Public Enemy: Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge

Survivor Series 1995 Results

Skip, Rad Radford, Dr. Tom Prichard and The 1-2-3 Kid (accompanied by Sunny and Ted DiBiase) defeated Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, Barry Horowitz and Bob Holly in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match

Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe and Lioness Asuka (accompanied by Harvey Wippleman) defeated Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa and Chaparita Asari in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match

Goldust defeated Bam Bam Bigelow

The Undertaker, Savio Vega, Fatu and Henry O. Godwinn (accompanied by Paul Bearer) defeated King Mabel, Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yankem D.D.S and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (accompanied by Sir Mo) in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match

Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, The British Bulldog and Sycho Sid (accompanied by Ted DiBiase and Jim Cornette) defeated Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas (accompanied by Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match

Bret Hart defeated Diesel (c) in a No Disqualification match to capture the WWE Championship

Match 1 Survivors: The 1-2-3 Kid

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Dr. Tom PrichardBob Holly
2. Bob HollySkip
3. HakushiRad Radford
4. Rad RadfordBarry Horowitz
5. Barry HorowitzThe 1-2-3 Kid
6. SkipMarty Jannetty
7. Marty JannettyThe 1-2-3 Kid

Match 2 Survivors: Aja Kong

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Lioness AsukaAlundra Blayze
2. Sakie HasegawaAja Kong
3. Chaparita AsariAja Kong
4. Kyoko InoueAja Kong
5. Tomoko WatanabeAlundra Blayze
6. Bertha FayeAlundra Blayze
7. Alundra BlayzeAja Kong

Match 3 Survivors: The Undertaker, Savio Vega, Fatu and Henry O. Godwinn

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Jerry LawlerThe Undertaker
2. Isaac Yankem D.D.SThe Undertaker
3. Hunter Hearst HelmsleyThe Undertaker
4. MabelCount-out

Match 4 Survivors: Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and The British Bulldog

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Dean DouglasShawn Michaels
2. Sycho SidRazor Ramon
3. Owen HartAhmed Johnson
4. Razor RamonThe British Bulldog
5. YokozunaShawn Michaels

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